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What is a Tunic? The Timeless Versatility of a Wardrobe Essential

A tunic is a loose-fitting body garment with elongated features and a variety of styles in our modern world. While the traditional tunic can be traced all the way back to ancient civilizations (especially in the Mediterranean world), now - the timeless basic garment has evolved to fit our modern world. While they often still hold the simplistic design and draping styles, you can get everything from tunic tops to shirts, belted tunic dress styles, turtleneck tunics, and tunics in an array of fabric choices from silky cotton to warmer wool. 

In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the tunic was not only a basic fashion piece but was also seen as a symbol for deciphering status (depending on the color and fabric, and decorative features). Back in those days, the tunic was often a long rectangular cut of fabric that was tied at the waist. It offered protection from the elements and ease of movement. In the 3rd century, tunic shirts came into play, and the outer garment was cut into a T shape with sleeves and long slits. These evolved even further during the 11th century (under the Byzantine Empire), and these dalmatic tunics took on more decorative elements. The tunic kept evolving in the 14th century and 15th centuries, with its silhouette taking a more fitted approach until it became the modern tunic tops we know today. 

In women's fashion, this simple garment has become a must-have piece of clothing. Adored for its billowy style, supreme comfort, and exceptional versatility -  the tunic can be worn with everything from leggings to skinny jeans to fitted pants, baggy pants, or even just cinched in with a chunky belt. 

Types of Tunics

Traditional tunics

1. Ancient Roman and Greek styles

The simple white tunic of the Ancient Greek and Roman world was often homespun from linen or wool. They were usually cut into a simple rectangular shape and could have loose, billowy sleeves or would be gathered and pinned at the shoulder with a decorative jewel or broach. The Grecian style often saw these tunics tied at the waist.

2. Indian Kurtis

The Indian kurtis style of the tunic is much more eye-catching and boasts dazzling designs and bright colors. These tunics are often made from cool silk or cotton and are adorned with embroidery. The Indian Kurtis also have a variety of different necklines - they can be v-neck tunics or have a mandarin-style collar. They can also be embellished with lots of lavish little features like beads and bright sequins. The length of these tunics also differ, with some falling long and others sitting at the hip - they are also worn with trousers or skirts.

Contemporary tunics

1. Long-sleeve tunics

As the name suggests, long-sleeve tunics have one thing in common - the length of the sleeve will fall to the wrist or even beyond. These tunics can be cut short or can be long and can also boast a variety of cuts and styles ( from scoop-neck tunics to wrap-style tunics, button-up tunics, and more) You can get these designed for casual occasions or formal occasions. One of the best things about long sleeve tunics is that they offer great night and day comfort when it comes to the colder months.

2. Short-sleeve tunics

Short-sleeve tunics are also versatile pieces of clothing and can come in numerous styles, lengths, designs, and colors. The short sleeve tunic tends to have sleeves that stop above the elbow. Short sleeve tunics have a breezy look and can be great for those shoulder seasons and warmer days. In keeping with their short sleeve style, they are usually made from linen or cotton, or even silk rather than heavier winter materials. You can pair short sleeve tunics with leggings, skirts, and jeans and even throw over a denim jacket, black leather jacket, or other layers for added warmth. 

3. Sleeveless tunics

Tunic tops without sleeves or tunic dresses are a great choice for sweet summer days. Again, these sleeveless tunics can be long dress types or short-cut billowy button-down tunics. They can come in the form of a formal black tunic dress or a bright, breezy fabric for a combination of comfort and style. Sleeveless tunics can be cut from silk or cotton or even flowing materials like chiffon or bamboo rayon to make them even cooler and more comfortable in the humid months. 

4. Asymmetrical hem tunics

Ever stylish, the asymmetrical hem tunic will be cut with one side longer than the other. While still sporting a wide array of cuts, styles, colors, and shapes - these asymmetrical style tunics have a unique silhouette and can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. You can also sport them with different styles of pants - although slim-fit jeans and fitted pants will look the best as they will make the most of the silhouette shape.

Material and Patterns

1. Cotton, silk, and linen tunics

Tunics can be created in a range of materials, from comfortable cotton blends to silks and lovely linens. Cotton tunics or bamboo tunics are beautiful against the skin as they provide ample temperature control, are breathable, are lightweight and super soft, and also can be excellent at moisture absorption. 

Silk is also a summer dream and adds a luxurious look to your tunic wear. The way silk falls, and floats can also lend itself well for dressy or formal occasions, bringing an air of sophistication and dreamy sheen in the style of eastern women's tops.

Linen tunics are pure vacation vibes. This was the ancient style of Latin tunica and is reminiscent of Mediterranean magic. While at first glance, linen may appear to be a simple tunic type - they are super breathable, easily elegant, and have a cool casual look. 

2. Solid, printed, and embroidered designs

When it comes to color and design - a solid color tunic can be timeless, especially if you pick one in a more natural or neutral shade that lends itself well to a wide variety of pairings. A solid color tunic can be a wardrobe staple as it's easier to fit with other things in your wardrobe. 

Printed tunics can be full of personality. They can come with everything from stripes to abstract shades and geometric sketches printed across the fabric. They can be bold and bright, or they can be simple still. 

Embroidered tunics can be truly elegant. These styles of tunics are stitched and embroidered with everything from different colored threads to sequins, beads, and mirrors and can be lavished with detail or simply adorned in different areas. These types of tunics are special as they have that added handcrafted value and eye-catching style. 

The Timeless Appeal of Tunics

Versatility in styling

Tunics are a dreamy wardrobe staple as they have such huge versatility when it comes to how to wear them. You can wear your tunic loose and flowing, or you can cinch it in with a skinny belt and create a whole different silhouette. You can wear them with pants, skirts, jeans, leggings, sandals, heels, and more. You can layer them up with jackets, long-sleeve tops, cardigans, blazers, scarves, and statement jewelry. They can be adapted for the warmer months and cooler months, and they can be shifted to suit both formal and casual occasions. In fact, it is no wonder that they are one of the biggest fashion trends to make it from antiquity to our modern world.

Suitable for various body types

Another factor that makes the tunic a tried and tested garment is the fact that they are flattering to all kinds of body types. Ever an inclusive fashion choice, the tunic offers a loose-fitting style that can be adapted according to preference through the use of an attractive belt. You can pick a more fitted tunic if you want to showcase your silhouette or go for a more flowy feel if you prefer a relaxed fit. Different necklines also suit different preferences, and different lengths are handy for those who want their tunic to fall shorter or longer. 

Comfort and functionality

Along with fabulous fashion sense, tunics are also great for those who value comfort and functionality when it comes to their wardrobe. As tunics tend to be loose and comfortable, they offer ease of movement and breathability and can help regulate body temperature too. They also help protect you from the sun on warmer days as they cover the body. The functional aspect can also be found in the versatility and wide variety of styles on offer. 


Tunics are a timeless fashion garment with roots in the ancient world and a trajectory that takes them right up to today. Loved for their comfort, an evocative array of styles, differing materials, colors, prints, and motifs - the world is really your oyster when it comes to the humble tunic. These are perfect for those looking to do an emotional detox and a material detox by bringing their wardrobe down into capsule fashion. If you want a wardrobe staple that oozes personality and echoes your personal preference, the tunic is the way to go. 


How to wear tunics?

There are so many ways to wear tunics. You can wear tunic dresses with leggings, tights, and boots and even layer them with jackets and cardigans for cooler days. Long tunic shirts can be worn with sandals and cinched in with a belt for a breezy summer look. Pair with gemstone bracelets for a bohemian look.

How to buy tunics online?

There are many places to buy tunics online - whether you choose an independent shop you like or look for websites that represent a wealth of brands. Always make sure to check the quality, reviews, and materials and to measure yourself properly to avoid a disappointing tunic shopping experience. 

Can men wear tunics?

Yes, men can wear tunics and have done since ancient times. There are many styles of tunics out there, and depending on how you want to wear yours - you can opt for a tunic-style shirt with long or short sleeves. 

Is a tunic comfortable?

Tunics are well known for being extremely comfortable. Because of their loose fit, versatility, breathable material, and their variety of cuts and designs, you can choose the right tunic for either the winter or the summer months. 



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