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How We Give

Making a difference. Together.

10% of proceeds go 
towards providing resources for mothers in need.

A choice today can echo for generations

From fires stoked to children’s heads stroked, thirst ridden treks for clean water, and finding the courage to fight for survival at every turn – women in India’s slums and rural corners are facing a whole new set of challenges.

When you lift up and empower a woman, 
you raise up the community around her.

From trying to keep their children’s hands clean without a trickle of safe water to not having access to base supplies like sanitary towels and hand sanitizer, no route to medical care, and not even a mask - even in the darkest days, these mothers can be a light for their little ones. A soft lullaby for sleep and the comfort of close arms, love can be found in abundance but food and all that is needed for survival can be scarce.


Every mother and child deserve the chance to thrive.

All rations kits will be enough food to feed a family of 5 for 4 weeksAll rations kits will be enough food to feed a family of 5 for 4 weeks

Together, let’s carry the weight.

While it can be overwhelming to know where to start, we are reminded that the smallest action can make a difference and we have power within our purchasing decisions. With every Sivana purchase, 10% is shared with Sevachild to deliver ration packs, food, and necessities to families in some of India’s hardest hit states.

Food to share around the table, sanitizer to keep small hands sweet, the dance of needle and thread as women make face masks for their family, the dignity of sanitary towels, and the sigh of relief that care is coming. A little humanity goes a long way.

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