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Important HolidayShipping Updates

Your long time loyalty with Sivana continues to drive us to delight you with our unique assortment that we take great pride in curating for you. Setting your expectations and delivering to our high standard of exceptional customer service, is paramount to our team.

Over the last year and a half, we have navigated through unusual times that continue to bring challenges to how we operate. In recent months, we have been faced with unexpected supply chain hurdles, which inevitably result in product delays. Now with the added tension on global logistics as we move into the holiday season, we will only be able to guarantee Christmas delivery if orders are placed before December 1st. For that reason, we are offering everyone 25% off their order with code: THANKYOU25, as a thank you for shopping and supporting us early on as we continue to navigate through these challenges.

We will continue to release new arrivals throughout the month, but will not be restocking as we move into November. As always thank you for your loyalty.

Warm regards,

Sivana Team

Healing Crystal Jewelry

Healing Crystal Jewelry

Step into soft intention and welcome healing properties that span your body, mind, and soul with our unique range of healing crystal jewelry. Here to cleanse negative energy, balance the chakras, protect you from harm, and lighten the load of daily life - natural stones and precious ancient metals can be a game changer when it comes to guidance and joy along the many journeys. Since the beginning of time, talismans and amulets have accompanied us - encouraging us to shine, granting us strength to place one foot in front of the other, and lending a light in the darkness. Natural stones have energy, high vibrations, and deep healing properties that can hold you.

Healing crystal jewelry comes in many forms. From gemstone bracelets that you slip onto your wrist to feel that energetic beat of the earth align with your own pulse to pendants and gemstone necklaces that hang close to the heart. You can also choose gemstone rings that encourage everything you touch to be authentic and earrings that call on healing crystals to sit close to your third eye - the seat of infinite wisdom.

There are many ways to choose the crystal jewelry that connects with you. From using your intuition to calling on a stone that calls to you thanks to its color, name, energetic properties, or the chakra that it matches with - all of these methods celebrate your decision making and the potency that can come from following your heart. Whether you choose Rose Quartz for its riches of compassion or Hematite for its iron rich courage, Tiger Eye for its unique sense of strength or Selenite for its lofty vibes, have faith that the crystal that is called to you is the crystal you need. Give the gift of healing crystal jewelry to those you love or celebrate your sense of self and say yes to elevating your energy to new heights.


10% of our profit goes to help support mothers in need.
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