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Deva Gem Teardrop Earrings 1


more colors!

Delicate Silver Om Earrings

Kwan Yin Compassion Earrings 3


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Delicate Sterling Silver Om Earrings
14K Gold Plated

Sterling Silver Buddha Earrings 5


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Padma Delight Earrings
Sacred Mantra Earring
Anahata Heart Chakra Earrings
Crown Chakra Om Earrings
Sunburst Om Earring
Om Mandala Earrings
Sacred Matrix Earrings
Flower of Life Earrings

Flower of Life Earrings 13


more colors!

Sacred Geometry Earrings
Shree Yantra Earrings
Sita Gemstone Earrings
Nepalese Angel Earrings
Sacred Nepal Earrings
Turquoise Capricorn Earrings
Radiant Sterling Silver Om Earrings
Narayana Gemstone Earrings
Cosmic Om Earrings
Silver Om and Red Garnet Earrings
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