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The Spiritual Benefits of Wearing a Copper Bracelet


One of the most ancient metals considered to have healing properties, copper bracelets are so much more than a stylish fashion accessory. With its gleaming red and gold coloring and its reputation as a high conductor of energy, wearing copper jewelry can also bring peace and balance to the body, mind, and soul. We dive into the details and the metaphysical properties that come with choosing copper bracelets.

The Historical and Cultural Significance of Copper

Copper in Ancient Civilizations

Copper has been around for centuries and was highly utilized by many civilizations across the globe. In Ancient Egypt, copper was believed to have purifying properties and would even be used to store water so that it could help eliminate impurities. It was the metal associated with the goddess Hathor (the goddess of love and beauty), and people would often wear copper bracelets in reverence to her and to welcome divine energy into their lives. In Ancient Greece, copper was also celebrated for its healing properties. Tibetan traditions also called on copper in their sacred rituals and Tibetan sound bowls are predominantly made from copper thanks to their striking sound and associated therapeutic healing techniques.

Copper in Contemporary Spirituality

From ancient times right up to the modern age, copper still hasn't lost its luster. Even in modern spiritual practices, copper is considered to be one of the best metals for its health benefits and assistance with joint pain, but also because it's believed to help with the flow of energy, to be a conductor of positive vibrations, and to bring spiritual healing.

Spiritual Benefits of Wearing a Copper Bracelet

Enhancing Spiritual Energy Flow

Copper is not a passive metal; it is believed to help stimulate, awaken, and conduct spiritual energy, which can send healing vibrations throughout the body. As an amazing conductor, wearing this healing metal can enhance energy transfers - from improving blood circulation to bringing active or peaceful energy where it is needed within the body and mind. 

Connection Between Physical and Spiritual Realms

Copper is famous for being a great conductor of electricity and heat, but this also means that it has strong amplifying and transmitting energies that can cross into the spiritual realm. It's believed that copper can act as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical realm and that by wearing copper healing bracelets, you can facilitate a stronger connection to higher consciousness. 

Chakra Balancing and Negative Energy Removal

One of the other spiritual benefits of copper bracelets is that they may help balance the chakras, shift negative energy, and bring you into higher spiritual well-being. As copper can help regulate the energy flow in your body, this can clear blockages, soak up negative vibrations, and bring you into a more positive and balanced state of being.

Boosting Self-Confidence and Positivity

Copper can also bring its healing power to help you step into self-confidence and welcome the power of positivity. As a bright gold and red metal, copper can also be considered to align itself with the energy of the sun. When you wear copper, it can also transmute this sunny energy and bring you into a more vital and optimistic headspace. 

Astrological Perspectives

Copper and Zodiac Associations

Copper also crosses over into astrology and is connected with certain zodiac signs that share elements of its energy. Copper can be connected with the earth sign of Taurus, as Taurus (just like copper) is also ruled by Venus (the planet of love and beauty). Copper and Taurus are both connected to elements of earthy goodness, sensuality, and material stability.

Copper can also be connected with Sagittarius too. Both are connected to Jupiter (the planet of expansion). Copper and Jupiter both share the same energies of encouraging people to step into their wisdom, expand their horizons, and welcome more optimistic and aligned thinking.

Copper as an Astrological Remedy

You can also choose to wear copper pieces to align your energy with specific planets - most notably, Venus and Jupiter. If you want to call on the energy of Venus, you can wear copper jewelry and welcome the energies of love, beauty, artistic expression, and emotional healing in your relationships.

If you want to welcome Jupiter energy, wear copper bracelets to elevate wisdom, seek expansive thoughts and actions, encourage curiosity and travel, and generally awaken a more positive disposition. 

Practical Considerations and Usage

Choosing and Wearing a Copper Bracelet

Choosing the right copper bracelet starts with choosing a brand or company that understands the healing elements of copper and uses high-quality copper. You may also want to check if the bracelet is pure copper or alloyed with other metals. Many metals also have therapeutic effects and energetic properties, so even choosing a copper bracelet with brass or zinc can bring other healing elements. There are many different styles of copper bracelets out there; find a design that calls to you aesthetically. If you truly want to facilitate the healing energies of copper, you should also wear your bracelet on your dominant hand.

Care and Maintenance of Copper Bracelets

Copper takes a little TLC as it can be sensitive to external elements. Copper is known for tarnishing over time, so regular cleaning and buffing can keep it shiny and bright. Copper bracelets may also leave a green patina on the skin - this is completely normal and harmless and is simply a result of the copper being exposed to moisture and oxygen. You can take off your copper bracelet before showering or swimming to slow down the process of oxidation. All jewelry that works with the emotional body should also be energetically cleansed from time to time to shift stagnant or absorbed negative energy. You can simply smudge your bracelet to energetically clean copper


Wearing copper bracelets can be a balm for the body, mind, and soul. Not only do these aesthetically pleasing bracelets look beautiful and bright against the wrist, but they also play a vital role in moving energy, encouraging mental agility, mopping up mental burdens, and can be excellent conductors of vibrational frequencies that will bring you into balance. Pair your beautiful copper bracelets for women with our bamboo luxe collection for a seamless look.


What does copper do for the body spiritually

Copper is believed to have many healing properties for the body, mind, and soul. Spiritually, it can cleanse the chakras, absorb negative energy, and act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. 

Does wearing copper bring good luck

Wearing copper can be considered lucky as this is one of the best precious metals for elevating your own positive energy. When we are in a more positive mindset, we create positive frequencies, which draw positive energy and abundance to us.

What is the benefit of 7 chakra copper bracelet

Wearing a seven-chakra copper bracelet will help align all your chakras. Copper has a cleansing effect on negative energy and acts as a messenger between the spiritual and physical body. The chakra-cleansing elements will also remove blockages from the relevant chakras so that a clean line of energy can flow.

What is the spiritual energy of copper

Copper has powerful spiritual energy and is known for helping us to become magnets for good vibrations, abundance, and positive energy in general. Wearing copper can help align the chakras, boost circulation and energy, and encourage wisdom and a deeper understanding of the self.


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