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Copper Bracelets and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Closer Look

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition that impacts the wrists. It causes tingling, pain, and numbness that can spread across your wrist, hand, and fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome (also known as CTS) is caused by pressure on a nerve in your wrist. This syndrome can have a significant negative impact on your daily life. Not only can it cause constant discomfort, but it can also reduce the mobility of being able to use your hands - especially for those who repetitively use their hands, whether that's typing, writing, gripping objects, or working with their hands in some way.

 The ancient healing metal of copper and copper magnetic bracelets have been touted as a complementary therapy or holistic method that may positively impact joint pain conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel. We look at this traditional remedy, unravel how copper bracelets could help, and check out scientific findings. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Explained

CTS is a condition caused by the median nerve compression that runs through the carpal tunnel and into the wrist. This can happen for several reasons - including injury or repetitive hand movements causing pressure on that area. Arthritis can also be another underlying cause. Symptoms that tend to be associated with carpal tunnel syndrome include; 

  • Numbness across the hand or in the index, ring fingers, and thumb
  • A tingling sensation in the hand and fingers
  • Pain and discomfort in your hands, wrist, or even forearm
  • Weakness when trying to use your hand
  • Difficulty gripping or trouble with your hand's motor skills
  • These symptoms may not always be chronic but may come and go. They also tend to worsen at night.  

Carpal tunnel syndrome tends to be treated in a number of ways, both medically and when it comes to managing the condition at home. Wrist splints, anti-inflammatory drugs, Corticosteroid injections, and, in severe cases, surgery can all be used. In terms of a more holistic approach - copper magnetic bracelets, acupuncture, and herbal remedies are also seen as complementary therapies. 

The Tradition of Copper in Healing

Cultural Significance: The tradition of copper healing goes back centuries. From the Greeks to the Romans and the Egyptians and in ancient Chinese medicine, copper has long been revered as one of the most precious healing metals. Naturally antibacterial and with anti-inflammatory properties, copper is believed to help encourage blood flow and healthy circulation, promote vitality in the body, and help build connective tissue (among other things). Not only were copper salts used in wound dressing, but copper instruments would be used in surgery, and copper jewelry would be worn - all marking the potential health benefits of this bright metal.

Copper in Modern Alternative Therapy: In our modern world, copper bracelets have made a comeback and are commonly turned to when it comes to helping ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, joint swelling, and joint pain, and yes - even assisting carpal tunnel sufferers. The belief is that wearing copper magnet bangles and copper types of bracelets can help the body absorb trace amounts of copper, reducing inflammation and easing pain. When it comes to magnet therapy, it's also believed that magnetic bracelets can impact your body's magnetic field and can help expand blood vessels and promote better blood circulation (again which helps reduce inflammation and pain). 

Investigating the Claims

Copper's Biological Role: Copper does play an essential role in the body and is a much-needed trace element. Copper helps our body with everything from energy production to connective tissue formation. It also helps with nerve function, protects our cells from oxidative damage, and is critical in brain function and mood regulation as it helps with neurotransmitter synthesis. It also assists with blood circulation, and this is why copper is believed to help with pain reduction when it comes to arthritic pain and carpal tunnel pain. 

Research Overview: Some studies have been conducted on whether wearing copper magnetic bracelets directly impacts carpal tunnel syndrome and easing arthritis pain. Double-blind placebo tests found no discernable difference in pain reduction between those wearing magnetic and placebo straps. While most studies don't present clear scientific evidence that wearing copper bracelets or magnet therapy can help with carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms or rheumatoid arthritis, it's worth noting that the scope of research is not exhaustive and often limited. More targeted studies could help provide clearer insights. 

Anecdotal Success and the Placebo Effect

While the scientific evidence may still be in motion, there has been anecdotal success from those reporting relief from CTS and joint pain while wearing copper bracelets. Wearers have reported improved mobility, stronger hand function, and reduced pain when it comes to their carpal tunnel symptoms. 

The Power of Belief: The placebo effect can also have a hugely positive impact on pain management and is a legitimate phenomenon. The placebo effect refers to how psychology can impact physiology. If wearing a copper bracelet is believed to alleviate pain carpal tunnel symptoms, the wearer may perceive that their symptoms are alleviated. The power of belief can influence the brain, which can lead to an upturn in overall health and well-being.

Complementary Approaches to Managing CTS

Integrative Care: Copper bracelets can play a role in the broader holistic spectrum of complementary therapies for CTS. A holistic approach to wellness doesn't just take into account physical factors but also nods to how emotional and spiritual well-being can influence health. The belief is also that copper bracelets and bracelets that impact the body's magnetic field can also boost emotional and spiritual health, potentially impacting the physical body. Be sure to clean your copper to keep your bracelet working at the best of its ability.

Evidence-based Alternatives: Keeping an open mind when treating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is important, but you also need to consider medical opinion and complementary therapies with more substantial evidence. Acupuncture, physical therapy, and wrist splinting are all popular methods known for their healing properties and helping reduce the impact of CTS. 

Making Informed Choices

There are benefits of copper bracelets. They are generally very safe to wear with minimal risk of adverse side effects, meaning those curious about them can wear them without worry. However, those who have pacemakers should check in with their health provider first. It's always worth opening a dialogue with your healthcare professional when considering alternative therapies to ensure you receive the right advice and a comprehensive treatment plan for your condition. 


The properties of copper bracelets may have an impact on carpal tunnel syndrome, especially when it comes to personal anecdotal evidence and the power of a placebo effect. Copper bracelets can bring that blend of ancient healing tradition and a holistic approach to complete health and well-being. Gathering all the information, weighing the personal benefits, and considering medical advice is all part of making a choice that aligns with your health goals. Explore our healing bracelets for women and bamboo clothing to bring more comfort and calm into your life.


When should you not wear a copper bracelet?

Those who wear a pacemaker or have a skin allergy to copper should avoid wearing copper bracelets or at least consult their healthcare professional first. Those who do wear copper bracelets should remove them when showering or swimming, as moisture can impact the metal.

Is it good to wear copper on your wrist?

Yes, wearing copper bracelets on your wrist is said to have many benefits for your body, mind, and soul. Copper is believed to encourage healthy circulation, boost your immune system, and help your body deal with joint pain and inflammation. 

What are the side effects of wearing a copper bracelet?

There are few side effects of wearing copper bracelets and many potential benefits. If you have a skin allergy or copper sensitivity, you may find that the metal irritates the skin. Also, copper can leave a green patina on the skin, but that is a completely normal result of the metal oxidizing and is not harmful.

Which hand do you wear a copper bracelet on?

It is considered best to wear your copper bracelet on your left wrist. This is because the left hand is the receiving hand, so for those wanting to wear copper to help with joint pain and better wrist movement, wearing it on the left hand can send that intention out into the universe.



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