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2024's Must-Have Best Tunics: Find Your Style & How to Wear It

Tunics are timeless pieces of clothing. Famed for their versatility and comfort, this classic garment can be traced back to ancient civilizations and has stood the test of time.  The beautiful blend of practicality meets pure style, making tunics a must for every wardrobe. Cool in the summer, ever ready to be dressed up or dressed down, flattering to every shape, and with a wide range of colors and patterns so you can pick your style,  we pick the very best must-have tunics for 2024. 

Why Tunics Have Stood the Test of Time

Tunics were big news in the ancient world. These garments were emblematic of status, identity, and practicality in ancient civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Back then, tunics would have been woven and crafted from hard-wearing fibers like wool or linen. Today, you can find tunics in a wide range of fabrics, including soft-to-the-touch bamboo, breathable cotton, the swish of silk, and even synthetic fibers. Tunics were designed to keep people warm and dry in the harsh elements or cool and covered from the heat. They would have been designed in different ways and styles to suit the status of the wearer - workers in the field would have had a simple tunic, and those in high society would have worn embellished, beautiful, tailored tunics. 

Tunics have become a timeless staple because they uniquely blend practicality, versatility, and style. You can get tunic tops, dresses, long tunics, short tunics, brightly patterned bohemian style tunics, and tunics that can be worn in sophisticated fashion.

The Top Styles of Tunics for Women

Classic Tunic

The classic tunic is one of the most versatile items you can have stashed in your wardrobe. They often fall somewhere between the hips and mid-thigh and offer a slightly relaxed casual fit. This means that the classic tunic is a staple piece for daily wear. You can pair it with leggings or skinny jeans, keeping it loose and flowy, or even doing the French tuck for a hint of chic. The Bamboo Dolman Tunic is a dream - with its soft-to-the-touch feel,  super relaxed fit that can be scrunched around the waist or worn longer, and its rich array of shades.


Bohemian Tunic

The Bohemian tunic is one of the most unique and adored styles. What makes it Bohemian in style? Often, the wild patterns, loose flowing fabric, and one-of-a-kind designs. Wearing a boho chic tunic looks glorious when you follow the flow and pair it with a maxi skirt, but you can also opt for a low-key fun vibe by wearing a bohemian tunic top with distressed jeans. The Bamboo Mia Top is made from an eco-friendly knit and has a drapey look that looks great over a tank.

Formal Tunic

Tunics aren't just for casual play; you can also wear them to a full array of formal events. A formal tunic will often be created from fine materials like silk chiffon or bamboo clothing or a high-quality cotton blend. It may be cut in a certain way and tailored to fall in a flattering manner. It may also have embellishments that elevate its design. Wearing a formal tunic for work or a special occasion will always look amazing. Pair with tailored, shapely trousers and statement jewelry pieces to make a splash. The Bamboo Flare Top celebrates softness and falls in a flattering style.


How to Incorporate Tunics into Different Outfits

Tunics are so popular because they can be worn in a wide variety of ways. A tunic top can be paired with jeans, leggings, or skirts and styled seasonally. In winter, you can layer tunics with chunky knit cardigans, leggings, boots, and scarves. You can even wear a turtleneck under a heavier tunic made from cashmere or wool. 

Summer styling can call for light, breathable fabrics, and paler colors. Pair them with lightweight linen trousers and skirts. Your tunic look can easily be elevated with the right accessories. Formal occasions can call for statement jewelry, or if you want to be more sophisticated and low-key, you can wear minimalist jewelry. Belts can cinch in the waist, and scarves can be draped or knotted around the neck. 

Finding the Perfect Tunic for Your Body Type

One of the best things about tunic tops is that they flatter every body type. Whether you're a long, tall Sally or a petite apple shape, the tunic will look awesome on everyone. Following these easy tips, you can still find the right tunic for your body shape. 

  • Apple shapes can seek tunics with an empire waist or a V neckline to create a stunning silhouette and elongate the upper body.
  • Pear shapes can find tunics that offer a relaxed and flowing fit. You may want one that falls below the hips and has a scooped or boat neck with embellishments to balance your look.
  • Hourglass shapes will love tunics that make the most of their curves. Cinch in the waist and seek a scooped neck to celebrate your décolletage. 
  • Rectangle or straighter shapes can find tunics that crunch or drape to lend a little shape. Hip to mid-thigh length will also give the impression of longer legs and add a touch of feminine flair.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Tunics

Caring for your tunic will depend on your chosen garment's unique design. Different materials call for different care, so always check the label or read the instructions accompanying your tunic. Washing on a low setting with mild detergent or cold water is always suggested to prevent color fading. Dry your tunic flat and out direct sunlight to avoid color fades and material stretches. 


Tunics are always a great addition to your wardrobe. Versatile and comfortable tunic tops can be worn for everything from work to play, date nights, and casual days. Experiment with different tunic styles, and don't be afraid to be bold when it comes to accessories and adding a little flair to your look. Want to know more about which material is best? Check out our Bamboo VS Cotton report and explore our online store to find heavenly holistic clothing, including everything from kaftans for women to harem pants and more.


How long is a tunic top

A tunic top will tend to fall from your shoulders down to below the hips yet won't fall beyond the knees. Some may stop just below the waist. 

Is a tunic a type of dress

A tunic can look like a dress or work more like a long top or tunic-type shirt. Generally, it falls from the shoulders to above the knees but often falls beyond the waist. You can wear it as a short dress in the summer or pair with leggings or tights in the winter. 

Are tunics in fashion?

Tunics have been in fashion for centuries. Ancient societies loved to wear tunics as they were considered garments of comfort and status. In our modern world, tunics are still celebrated and worn on a daily basis for both formal events and casual daily wear. 

What is a old tunic

Old tunics may refer to tunics worn in the ancient world. Originally a tunic was two pieces of cut linen or cloth sewn together with a hole for the neck and arms. Now, tunics have come a long way and are still worn in our modern world. 



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