Our mission

With eastern philosophy rooted in the core of Sivana, we aim to bring you comfort in your journey discovering the ancient practice of yoga and your movement towards conscious living.

Our story

Hi! So, you want to learn a little more about us, huh? Before I get into the nitty-gritty storytelling, let me introduce you to a few key players and believers that got this online yoga store thing poppin'. I guess since I'm the one typing this up, I'll start with myself!

My name's Benn. I'm the one responsible for making your shopping experience with us as incredible as it can be. If there's something on our site that bugs you, I'm your guy to talk to. Personally, my goal is to make this the best online shopping experience that you've encountered.

Then there's my brother, Sam. He's the brain behind the button. When you buy something from us, He'll make sure your order gets to your doorstep as fast as possible. He might even include a little friendly note with some coupon codes when he's feeling generous!

Ok, now for the story. We grew up in Scottsdale, AZ, where the pools overheat in the summer, and you can cook an egg on the sidewalk. When we were in our teenage years, we set out west indefinitely and landed in a suburb beach town north of San Diego called Encinitas. Immediately we recognized how this little town was saturated with yoga culture. Seemed like everyone here practiced! Inevitably, we started practicing it now and again.

Although our website is new, the idea is not. This is a second generation company. In 1995 our parents started selling shirts with a gold embroidered Om on them. They were an instant hit among the community. Slowly they built a small side business selling Om shirts, books and a little bit of jewelry. 

Over a decade later, Sam and I took over, revamping the site and adding our own spin to Sivana. We've learned a ton since we started and continue to learn and grow with our customers.

Since we took over in 2011, we've started a few new initiatives to give back to our community. What started as a small blog to explain our products more in depth, has turned into a powerful community of writers and contributors all sharing their experiences and knowledge of Eastern philosophy. We're excited to share that we now work with over 400 writers to publish daily articles on Eastern Spirituality. Read it here: www.sivanaeast.com

We've also launched a top-rated podcast with our good friend Ashton Szabo. In each episode, we tell stories of Hindu Deities and their symbolism, hold interviews with inspiring people in our community, and talk about Eastern philosophies and spirituality. Find our more here: www.sivanapodcast.com

One last thing, back in December 2015, we partnered with our friends at SevaChild to help supply and distribute vitamin A to Indian children in desperate need. Every purchase helps these children in need in a massive way! Literally life-changing. Learn more >>

Thanks for taking the time to read these few paragraphs. I'll probably be updating it as our story continues. As for now, namaste and happy shopping!

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