This Is Our Story

While traveling in India in 2007, Sivana Founders and brothers Benn & Sam witnessed the incredible hardships faced by children growing up in impoverished communities in India. Wanting to help, they created Sivana, a company that would tackle Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder (VADD) in suffering children by selling spiritual jewelry, purposeful fashion, and fair trade items from around the world.

Sivana (SI-VA-NA) began as a simple idea of selling printed shirts has evolved into a lifestyle brand that helps address the needs of children, their families, and their communities in India.
In our efforts to keep in touch with our community, we built What started as a small blog to explain our products more in-depth, has turned into the largest online community of movers and shakers all sharing their experiences and knowledge of yoga, health, mindfulness, spirituality and wellbeing. 

Additionally, we’ve also launched a top-rated podcast with our good friend Brett Larkin. In each episode, we cry, laugh, share and connect with some of the most inspiring people in our community bringing a true voice to the Sivana lifestyle. Find our more here:

Our social responsibility

30 Million Children under 5 years old are at risk of VADD.

Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder (VADD) is a devastating disease affecting millions of India's undernourished infants and children.
With your purchase you will provide children and their nursing mothers with adequate amounts of vitamin A to protect them from this disease.
The ravages of this disease leave children anemic and are a major cause of blindness and childhood death.
Improving the vitamin A status of deficient children through supplementation enhances their resistance to disease and can reduce mortality from all causes by approximately 23%. Guaranteeing high supplementation coverage is therefore critical, not only to eliminating vitamin A deficiency as a public-health problem, but also as a central element of the child survival agenda. Delivery of high-dose supplements remains the principal strategy for controlling vitamin A.

With your help, we've changed the lives of thousands of children.

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