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Kaftan for Women

Kaftan for women

Historically, kaftans were worn by men and women, and this garment dates back to ancient Islamic cultures. Nowadays, kaftans (in any shape and size) are particularly popular with women. Even though many assume this piece of clothing can only be worn for the beach, kaftans are versatile and can be styled to look formal and sophisticated. Read on to find out more about styling a kaftan.

How to Style a Kaftan

Kaftans can be worn on various occasions, especially going to the beach. Their loose design and light material allow you to wear them over your swimming suit. Add a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and sandals, and you’ve created a great beach look.

Alternatively, pair your kaftan dress with high heels and jewelry for a formal look or a kaftan top with shorts. For this occasion, it’s better to choose silk than cotton, to complement the desired formal look. Accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and sandals are stylish additions.

How to Choose the Best Kaftan Look

Many things need to be considered when choosing to wear a kaftan, from the material and length to accessories and shoes.

  • Material – Cotton suits casual events, while satin goes well for a night out. Silk can be styled for both occasions.
  • Dress Length – A mid-length kaftan is suitable for work, while a short kaftan paired with shorts is a casual option. Maxi kaftan dresses are perfect for formal events like weddings due to their classy appearance.
  • Shoes – Any shoes can go well with kaftans due to their versatility. However, it’s important not to mix a cotton kaftan with heels or silk kaftan with casual footwear.
  • Bags – Bags are another option to perfect a kaftan look. Since kaftans are loose, choosing small bags is best to balance out the look.
  • Accessories – Kaftan garments look good with accessories. For example, pick a stylish necklace with a monochromatic kaftan without patterns and mandala designs. On the other hand, kaftans with shiny elements don’t go well with large jewelry pieces. Pick something simple like small earrings, and try not to overdo it.

Our website offers a variety of kaftan for women where you can choose what suits you the best.


Do you wear clothes under a kaftan?

Depending on the material, you can wear clothes under a kaftan, but it’s not necessary. For example, if your kaftan dress is see-through, you can wear a slip dress underneath.

Why do women wear kaftans?

Women wear kaftans because of the light, loose, and breezy feel you get when wearing this garment. The flexible design can fit women of any body shape or size, as they are versatile and easy to wear. Who should wear kaftans?

Kaftans were associated with royalty, and women from the palace used to wear them almost exclusively. But in the 17th century, they became more popular with the middle class. Today kaftans are worn by women everywhere.


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