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How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom: 13 Vital Rules For High Vibes

feng shui bedroom

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese concept of arranging a space in such a way that it creates a powerful energy that is conducive to your health and well-being. While this practice has been around for centuries in the east, in the modern world it is also being considered and celebrated in the west too - taking its place in architecture, interior design, and home decor.

One of the most important rooms for creating a feng shui atmosphere has to be the bedroom. As the main principles of feng shui are all about harmony and balance - this is the ideal mood board for making a space that encourages the body and the mind to wind down, surrender to sleep, and enjoy uninterrupted clean and pure rest. Because our resting state relies on passive yin energy, feng shui is the perfect way of ensuring that the vibes in the room, the layout, and all the objects surrounding you are encouraging that state rather than bringing active yang energy to the party. We take a look at how you can feng shui your bedroom and turn your sleeping space into an oasis of calm and rest.

The Ideal Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Feng shui is an ancient art form that takes many years to master. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start introducing elements and arranging your room with elements of feng shui as this will only help bring in that harmonic energy. Introducing some easy and basic feng shui elements is easy - placing your bed in a commanding position, creating balance, being aware of the position of doors and windows, and ensuring plenty of space and room to breathe when laying out each and every piece of furniture are some of the fundamental basics. Take a look at this image to see a simple overview of how you can welcome the positive energy of feng shui style to your bedroom layout.

Include an image bank showing where to place objects in the bedroom as per Feng Shui.

13 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips 

feng shui loft bedroom

Feng shui in the bedroom can change your life. In the modern world, it can be tricky to settle down and turn off. From phone scrolling to living in busier places, the rise of EMF technology, light pollution, and many of us living away from nature - all of this doesn’t truly nurture good sleep. But, by making some small changes to your sleeping space and creating a haven of rest and rejuvenation using feng shui as a guiding light, you can transform your room into a sacred space. Making a feng shui space means leaning into themes of balance and nature but it’s about so much more than buying bamboo bedding and repainting your walls in neutral tones. Feng shui is about space, layout, and what you do with the physical space but it’s also about how you connect with a space. Creating a spiritual and emotional connection with your bedroom in a way that aligns with who you are and your heart center is also vital to feel comfortable and welcomed into the energy of the room. Use these best feng shui tips as a guide for creating a glorious space, but don’t be afraid to bring your own unique touch to it too. 

Place your bed in the center

One of the most important aspects of encouraging a feng shui bedroom is to ensure your bed placement is in a commanding position. Placing your bed in the commanding position communicates exactly what the energy and purpose of the room are about. To be in a truly commanding position, feng shui bed placement also suggests that your bed should also face the door (without being in complete alignment with the door). Being in direct alignment with the bedroom door (as in your feet facing the door in the coffin position) means that your energy could flow straight out rather than be preserved when in a resting state. 

Incorporate a King-Size Mattress

If you have the space to play with, the bigger the better when it comes to your mattress. A big bed can truly invite rest. Feng shui is all about space, breathability, balance, and harmony and this is so much easier to achieve when you are in a large oversized bed. When you can move freely, spread out, and not feel hemmed in or claustrophobic, the body has a better chance of settling into sleep. For those who are also keen to attract or welcome a partner into their world, a double or king-size mattress also helps to manifest that. 

Place Mirrors Opposite Windows

There are conflicting opinions as to whether mirrors should be in bedrooms. Some say that they are full of yang energy and promote movement and action rather than the passive yin vibes that a bedroom needs. If you do have a mirror in your room, place it opposite the window and that way it will deflect any energy from your direct eye line and will also have the added benefit of bringing in and reflecting more natural light. This last point is especially important for those in a small bedroom, where you may want to encourage more natural light as part of the feng shui perspective.


decluttered bedroom

Having too much stuff in your sleeping space can also have a negative impact on your sense of rest and rejuvenation and can affect your life force energy. Having clutter in your room can have very active energy and can pull you out of the passive yin energy that is vital to good sleep. Clutter and excess stuff can also represent blockages which can get in the way of the flow. For example, books you aren’t in the midst of reading may make the mind race, shoes can contribute to a feeling of restlessness and movement, and letters or diaries may keep you tethered to the past and bring negative energy into your space. 

Omit Sharp Corners

Wherever possible try and choose furnishings with smooth rounded corners as opposed to sharp edges. Sharp edges can have threatening energy (even very subconsciously) and can keep the body on high alert which is bad feng shui. Consider edges and corners that come with a gentle and smooth flow and the whole vibe of the room will follow suit. 

Maximize Natural Air Flow

Natural air flow is one of the easiest ways to welcome mother nature into your space. As feng shui is all about celebrating and harmonizing with the elements, simply throwing open your window and letting the sweet breeze in is a perfect way of inviting a fresh flow of energy in and showing any stagnant vibes out. Ensuring you have maximum airflow will also reduce the carbon dioxide levels in your room which can also encourage uninterrupted sleep. 

Limit Blue Light

As much as possible, you should aim to keep your bedroom a blue light-free zone - which means leaving technological devices in another room. One of the main principles around feng shui is to harmonize with the natural world and phones, laptops, and screens don’t fall under this category. Blue screens also disrupt our sleep as they throw our circadian rhythm out of line. As best you can, try and keep your bedroom free from electromagnetic fields and surrender to the natural melody of darkness, night, and sleep.

A Table on each Bedside

Balance is extremely important in feng shui practice and this comes right down to the details and even the bedroom furniture you choose. By having two bedside tables you are bringing harmony into the space instantly and creating balance. Having nightstands on each side of the bed will not only look aesthetically pleasing but will have a good energy about it too. If your space doesn’t lend itself well to two bedside tables, do avoid stashing things beneath your bed as in feng shui practice, this cluttered energy could expand and have an impact on your sleep and the opening of your subconscious. 

Eco-Friendly Bedding

Feng shui living is centered around balance, harmony, connecting with nature, and honoring all the elements so be sure to remember this when mapping out your bedroom ideas. You can do this by carefully considering which materials and textures you welcome into your world. For example, choosing eco-friendly bed sheets sourced and crafted from natural fabrics can help you honor mother nature in rest and play. Cotton or linen bedding can work beautifully or opt for bamboo bedding which brings plenty of other benefits such as being super soft against the skin, temperature regulating, and one of the most eco-friendly solutions you can find.

Muted Color Tones

Color plays a huge role in feng shui and goes beyond the basics of interior design. Choosing soft and soothing earth tones or neutral color tones can be an amazing way of keeping things gentle in the space. Look for shades you would find in the natural world. Pastel tones like soft pinks, blues, and greens can also work well if you want a splash of color that goes beyond natural shades. While some color and texture are always welcome to ‘warm’ a space, be wary about overdoing it as too many accents and patterns can bring a busyness. If you want to go for white - try and find a softer shade of white rather than something stark as this can be linked to the element of metal and can be very activating to your flow of chi.

Low-light bulbs

Create a soothing ambience by choosing lighting that lends itself well to the mood. By incorporating low-level light bulbs or candles, you can encourage softness in the space that is conducive to rest. Low-level lighting and candles can also help balance out your chi and as light falls under the element of fire, lighting can also be a great way of bringing this essential component into your space. 

Keep Doors Closed

To keep your feng shui bedroom free from distractions and a place of pure and beautiful rest, it’s important to keep the doors closed. This doesn’t just refer to the door to the room but also the doors within the room - like closet doors, desk drawers, and bedside table drawers and doors. Keeping everything closed will keep the energy balanced. Open drawers and doors can sometimes hold a sense of unfinished business and this won’t help you to settle into sleep easily. This is one of the easiest feng shui rules to follow.

Go for a solid headboard

wooden bedside table

If you want to boost a sense of security, you can place your bed against a solid wall or use a headboard as long as it is made from a natural material - preferably wood as metal can be too disruptive or amplifying to the earth’s electromagnetic energy. Having a solid headboard or a solid bed frame not only adds to that feeling of being held and supported but also creates balance and symmetry in the room and lends itself well to the commanding position of the bed. 


What are the rules of feng shui bedroom?

Some of the main rules for a fen shui bedroom include placing your bed in a commanding position, removing clutter, bringing in the natural elements, keeping colors soothing, avoiding sharp corners, and doing all you can to create a restful environment. 

What is the best direction for your bed to face?

Sleeping with your head pointed in a southwards direction is considered to be the best position for feng shui. You also want to have your bed facing the door - although not in complete alignment with the door as this can cause energy to flow out.

What is the best bed position feng shui?

The best bed position for feng shui is to have your bed in a commanding position and facing the door. However, you don’t want to have your feet in direct alignment with your door as this can cause energy to flow straight out. A solid headboard and a king-size mattress are also good feng shui for your bed.

How do I feng shui my bedroom for good luck?

If you want to welcome luck into your bedroom with feng shui energy, you should start with a declutter to remove unwanted energy. You can also cleanse the space by ensuring maximum airflow and opportunities for the chance to enter. Keep balance by bringing pairs into the space in terms of furniture. Place your bed in a commanding position and have a natural headboard. 


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