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15 Feng Shui Kitchen Rules Everyone Should Follow

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on arranging spaces to create a sense of balance and harmony. This goes deeper than ideas around aesthetics and refers more to the energy forces that flow from our environments. The term feng shui translates to wind-water which may serve as a reference to finding natural flow in the elements. When we achieve feng shui it means that our human interaction with our environment is set up for balance and harmony and that we have created a space based on certain ancient principles that will help us to usher in health, wealth, and wellness across all aspects of our lives. Here, we take a deeper look at what feng shui means in regard to the kitchen and offer some feng shui tips on how you can create good energy in this all-important space. 

What is the most important thing when feng shui-ing a kitchen?

One of the most important elements of feng shui in the kitchen is to place the stove in the strongest commanding position. Being able to see the door while using the stove gifts control and power over the space while being able to see what opportunities are passing through. 

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips – Location

The kitchen is arguably one of the most important places in the house. It’s where we find nourishment, where loved ones gather, and it’s one of the main trinity rooms that can contribute to positive chi. Some important aspects of feng shui design and the kitchen are related to location. While not always possible to play an active role in the location of the kitchen, these may be helpful tips for those feng shui lovers who are moving house or designing their kitchen from scratch.

Kitchen Should Not Be at the Center of the House

One of the major elements when it comes to feng shui is that the kitchen should be in the center of the house. This is because the center of the house represents the heart and kitchens tend to be places where there is fire. When the kitchen is in the center of the home it can come to symbolize the heart being burnt or engulfed in flames. 

Kitchen Should Not Face the Front Door

Another consideration when it comes to kitchen design and layout is not having the kitchen face the front door. This is because any positive chi that is attempting to enter your home can be stopped in its tracks by the fiery energy of the kitchen. It may also link to ancient times when food was considered wealth and by having your wealth on display by your front door, your wealth could leak away.

What should be in the center of the kitchen?

In terms of feng shui, in the center of your kitchen should be a gathering place - either an island counter or a stove. If you have your stove located on a center island then this allows you to cook in the command position which is a powerful place of abundance. 

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips – Stove

Thes stove is considered to be the heart of the kitchen. It is one of the most important resources as it represents nourishment, success, and igniting wealth and opportunity. Respecting the stove is an essential element in kitchen feng shui so you should be sure to keep it working properly and to keep it clean. Here are some more feng shui kitchen tips that relate to the stove. 

The Stove Should Not Face the Door

One of the most important considerations when dealing with the stove in feng shui is that it should not directly face the door. This is because any Qi (energy) coming in from the door can get into your food and maybe even have an impact on the quality of your health.

Keep the Stove and the Sink Apart

As the stove represents fire and the sink represents water, you want to work to keep these two elements separate. This is because the two elements work in conflict rather than harmony so this stand-off energy can seep into your space and have a negative impact on balance. If keeping them apart isn’t possible you can counterbalance this issue by placing a wood element in-between them.

Make Sure the Stove is Working

As mentioned above, respecting the stove is of the utmost importance when it comes to feng shui working its magic. Make sure that your stove is working and that you rotate which burners you use so that you are evenly distributing energy. 

Which direction should your stove face?

In feng shui practise there are many rules relating to the stove but some believe that it should face the same direction as the house faces. For example, if you have a southwest facing house, then the stove should also face south.

What should I do if I don't have a stove?

If you don’t have a stove in feng shui you can treat any burning or heat-inducing appliances like the stove in terms of how you map out the kitchen for the flow of energy.

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips – Decor

Placement and layout are some of the most important elements of feng shui practice but there’s also a sense of divinity in the details. Curating a flowing environment also comes down to decor, colors, and the things we choose to occupy our space. Take a look at these easily actionable tips for creating a feng shui kitchen. 

Use Calm Colors to Counteract Kitchen’s Energy

Calming colors can also affect the feng shui energy and as the kitchen tends to be a vibrant and sometimes even overwhelming space in terms of color, you can temper this by choosing calmer, purer, or more earthly colors to balance out that energy. White or creams are good choices because they are all about cleanliness and Zen. You can also look to earthy colors for creating a grounded space or green elements that represent fuel for the fire without being highly active colors.

Hang Art in the Kitchen

Art in the kitchen is another way in which you can bring balancing color and personal vibes. Be careful about which style of art you pick as the energy of that piece will impact the kitchen. However, art is hugely subjective so don’t shy away from what calls to you. If you are unsure, artwork that depicts food and sharing can nurture that same energy in the space. 

Include Wood Features

As feng shui is centered around the elements, and as your kitchen will naturally have the elements of fire, water, and probably metal too - you want to introduce wood elements to ensure all angles are covered. It doesn’t even need to be wood on a grand scale - a chopping board, a plant, or a wooden bowl of fruit can all do the trick.

What color should the kitchen be in feng shui?

Calming paint colors are good for kitchens to counteract the big energy they bring. You can choose earth tones to get grounded, white to keep the energy pure and cleansed and to echo natural light, or you can opt for soft blues in your feng shui kitchen colors to bring a gentle energy to balance the fire element. 

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips – Other

Feng shui has endless angles, tips, and directions you can take and it’s tricky to cover every single aspect. However, as everyone can’t control the layout and the color schemes in their kitchen we have collected a couple of smaller yet significant aspects of kitchen feng shui so even the simplest action can bring positive qi to your space.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean is a truly important aspect of good feng shui and this goes beyond the simple maintenance of wiping down the countertops and washing the dishes. Regularly clean out your drawers and kitchen cabinets, keep things organized and put away, and get rid of clutter. Having a messy kitchen interrupts the harmony and flow and affects your sense of nourishment.

Keep Your Knives Out of Sight

Some practisers believe that having sharp objects (like knives) on show is bad for positive energy. While the jury is still out on this point, you may want to stash your knives out of sight to avoid the risk of having the sharp items bring Xa Qi energy into the space. 

Replace Broken and Chipped Items

Get rid of any broken or chipped items in your kitchen as this can have a negative impact on feng shui as they represent or communicate broken energy or something not being whole. If you are sentimental about an item, you should attempt to repair it or truly consider letting it go and embracing the lessons that come with that energy.

Bring Good Energy into your Life

Feng shui is another way to bring beautiful energy and flow into your life. We can truly transform our internal worlds by the choices we make in the external - the clothes we wear, the purchases we make, the food we eat, the way we map out our home design, and the energy we invite in. Feng shui for the kitchen is a way of celebrating togetherness, nourishment, and making good choices for the body, mind, and soul. 

Feng Shui FAQ

What does the kitchen represent in feng shui?

In feng shui principles, the kitchen represents nourishment, prosperity, and health and is considered to be the beating heart of the home. Having good energy in your kitchen can have an impact on your mental well-being and your physical health too. 

What do you need to do to make your kitchen feng shui?

Some things you need to do to welcome feng shui elements into your kitchen area include having the stove in the right place, welcoming wood elements, keeping fire energy and water elements separate, deep cleaning, and decluttering.

What should we avoid in the kitchen?

In feng shui for the kitchen, you should avoid having the sink and the stove next to each other if possible. You should also avoid having the stove facing the door and make sure that your burners are all working well. 



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