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The Benefits of Copper Jewelry, According to Science

More than just a pretty face, copper jewelry has been around for centuries. This shiny, bright, reddish-gold material is not only striking to the eye but also loaded with health benefits for the human body. From the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks and the Aztecs, across the far-flung globe and throughout history, copper's lore has helped ease aches and pains, boost immune systems, and filled us full of positive energy. Copper is also considered to be a spiritual metal - making it an amazing element for the body, mind, and soul but for those who want to get grounded when it comes to the benefits of copper jewelry, we have the science right here to back up its host of healing properties. 

The benefits of wearing copper jewelry

Copper does so much for the body as it's an essential mineral that we need. Copper is necessary for everything from the healthy functioning of nerves to encouraging the body to absorb iron and boosting our energy production. Wearing copper jewelry like copper bracelets or copper rings can help bring those benefits into your everyday world. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when wearing copper. 

Relieves inflammation - as copper is naturally anti-inflammatory, it is known for helping to reduce joint pain, muscle aches, and other issues caused by arthritis.  

Improves circulation - copper jewelry can also encourage healthy blood circulation and boost oxygen levels in your body. Copper can also help boost your cardiovascular health as it helps improve collagen and elastin in the body, which helps link fibers and reduce the risk of aneurysms. 

Encourages mineral absorption - another beautiful benefit of copper is that it helps the body to absorb much-needed minerals. Micro minerals like iron and zinc can be found in copper, and wearing copper jewelry against the skin means that when the copper and your sweat mingle, it can encourage these minerals into your bloodstream. This is great for those who have a copper deficiency, iron deficiency, or zinc deficiency.

Decreases signs of anti-aging - copper's ability to boost collagen and elastin also means that it can help prevent premature signs of aging. The anti-inflammatory properties combined with antioxidant properties and collagen production all lead to skin that is softer, plumper, and more even in complexion, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Boosts the immune system - copper can also give your immune system a much-needed boost. Loaded with antioxidants, naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, this magic metal can help the body deal effectively with bacteria and toxins, meaning that you stay healthy and well.

What happens when your body is low in copper?

Copper is essential to keep the body healthy; a deficiency of copper can cause an imbalance in your health and well-being and have a knock-on effect. Here are some issues you may face if you find yourself running low on copper. 

  • you may get tired easier or have less energy
  • you may suffer from sore joints or muscle aches
  • you may become anemic
  • you may have issues or imbalances in your thyroid
  • you may feel cold a lot as your body will be lower in temperature
  • your memory may not be as sharp as it could be 
  • your immune system may suffer, leading to a stronger likelihood of chronic conditions 

Origin & History of Copper

Copper has been used for over ten thousand years or more. It was one of the only known metals, and before gold and silver entered the scene, the bronze age celebrated all things, copper. This shiny material was used for everything from tools to jewels to copper coins, household items, and more. Even though the bronze age ended after the fall of the ancient world, copper has kept going and is relied on today to help our modern world run smoothly, with everything from copper alloys helping transport electricity to copper wires and copper pipes connecting us with power and data. It is also still used in jewelry. 

Copper in Jewelry

Copper jewelry has a long and fascinating history. It remains one of the world's most popular metals from antiquity until today. Historians have traced copper jewelry all the way back to the 8th century across a range of cultures, including the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Aztecs, Native Americans, and more. In ancient times, coppersmiths were highly revered, and only the wealthiest would wear elaborate headdresses, copper bracelets, and other decorative copper pieces.

Copper jewelry kept ticking over the ages, seeing a boost in popularity in the 1920s as a fashion statement and then picking up speed again in the 1970s as more and more people became aware of copper's spiritual benefits and physical benefits too. It became popular for people with rheumatoid arthritis to wear magnetic bracelets and copper healing bracelets to help soothe pain and joint stiffness.

Quick tips to clean copper jewelry

Copper jewelry flashes with the energy of the sun and has its own striking aesthetic. This, combined with the healing properties of copper, make it a great choice for wearing on the body whether you want to wear it for its medical benefits, for keeping negative energy at bay, or because you love the look. One important thing about copper jewelry is that wearing it for a period of time may leave your skin green. There's often a misconception that green skin is a result of wearing cheap jewelry, but in copper's case, this isn't true.

The green patina is completely normal and is a result of copper oxidation - when the chemical makeup of copper mingles with salty skin and other chemicals apparent in your body. It's actually a way copper delivers healing energies to your body. There are methods such as plating, painting the inside of your copper jewelry with clear nail varnish, and keeping your copper jewelry pieces clean that can help reduce the copper oxide mixing with your skin. Here are some cleaning tips to help you keep your copper pieces sweet...

  • use salt water or soap water for a simple cleanse
  • for stubborn tarnishes and stains, use lemon juice and baking soda
  • bring back shine to your piece of copper jewelry with ketchup or Worcestershire sauce
  • use a microfiber cloth to buff your jewelry back to brightness 

What are the metaphysical properties of copper?

Copper is one of the most beneficial metals for your body, mind, and soul. We know now that it stacks up well when it comes to the physical realm, like helping joint pain, easing side effects from forms of arthritis, bringing maximum benefits to your immune system, and more. Yet copper also knows how to deliver a boost of healing benefits to your spiritual side. Here are some of the ways in which the benefits of copper bracelets can have a positive impact on your mental health and your higher existence...

  • copper can keep negative energy away 
  • copper can help to rebalance the chakras
  •  copper is a great energy conductor and can channel light and messages from astral bodies
  • copper can open you up to receive healing
  • copper can help to balance emotions 

Interesting facts about copper

  • Copper is naturally antibacterial, which is why it's a first-class choice for use on public surfaces that are touched often. 
  • The statue of liberty is made from copper, and the reason its green is down to copper oxidation 
  • Copper is completely recyclable without losing any of its quality 
  • Copper has high resistance to water erosion which is why its commonly used on ships
  • Copper was named by the ancient Romans, who called it 'ore from Cyprus' ( aes cyprium) which eventually became the word 'cuprum' and then copper. 
  • Copper is fundamental for our health and well-being and is needed in the body for bone strength, circulation, mineral absorption, and other things.


How do I get my copper jewelry to shine again?

One of the easiest and best ways to make your copper jewelry shiny again is to let it soak in a mixture of lemon and baking soda or salt to remove stains and tarnishes. Afterward, rinse thoroughly and use a microfiber cloth to buff it. You can also use ketchup or white vinegar and warm water.

What makes copper jewelry special?

Copper jewelry is special because each piece of jewelry has purported benefits when it comes to your health. Copper can help with painful joints, chronic inflammation, and other common body ailments. It can also help boost your immune system, clear negative energy, encourage the body to absorb much-needed micro-minerals, and can bring healing elements to your mental and spiritual well-being. 

What are the health advantages of copper?

Copper is a key mineral that the body needs. Full of healing elements, copper helps with nerve function, rheumatoid arthritis pain, healthy blood cells, and more. Wearing a quality copper bracelet will also bring antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial benefits too.  


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