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The 12 Best Bamboo Clothing Brands Of 2023, Ranked

In a world where we are becoming ever conscious about our impact on the planet, many are looking to those spots in life where they can make sustainable change and this can include the threads you wear. Bamboo clothing is becoming big news and not just for its environmentally friendly feel-good factor. While yes, bamboo is one of the better clothing choices you can make, it is also kind to the skin, easy to care for, and makes for a great year-round material thanks to its clever thermoregulating properties. 

Bamboo has a similar feel to cashmere and silk. It is breathable, beautiful, and even better for your budget than the likes of silk and even high-quality organic cotton. It’s also hypoallergenic which makes it a savvy choice for those with skin conditions. From bedding to baby clothing, socks to shirts, and everything in between - there are so many reasons to select bamboo when it comes to your textile choices. We take a look at some of the very best brands making the most of the bamboo revolution. 

Our Favorites, Ranked

Best for Alternative Styles: Sivana 

Best for Athleisure: Tasca

Best for Sustainability: Mary Young

Best for Women: Encircled

Best for Outdoors: Free Fly Apparel

Best Bamboo Clothing Brands

There are many bamboo clothing lines out there but we have rounded up a few of our favorite names that are making a positive impact on the planet.

Sivana Spirit

Sivana Spirit brings sacred style to life with its range of beautiful bamboo clothes. As a Californian family business with inspired ethics and a true commitment to giving back to the planet and people, Sivana fosters values that go beyond verbatim and actually strengthen the community. Sivana offers a whole host of clothing, jewelry, and home elements created with ethics in mind. Their bamboo clothing is inspired, and flowing, and covers everything from dresses to tops, loungewear, casual wear, and even elegant formal wear that is super comfy and well-made. They also give back by using 10% of each sale to deliver ration packs to families in India’s hardest-hit areas.


For those who cannot get enough beautiful bamboo, Cariloha has you covered. Not only do Cariloha make great bamboo clothing but they also do everything from activewear to bedding and even bathroom goodies too. Inspired by a health-conscious lifestyle, Cariloha has an entire range of delights crafted from bamboo viscose. 


With a full spectrum of bamboo goodies, Bam offers up everything from T-shirts to hoodies and more. They have a huge emphasis on celebrating all things bamboo but also create a range of silky warm and wonderful feeling clothing that doesn’t cling to the body. They love bamboo because of its sustainable style and also take it one step further - striving to ensure that every step of their journey from plant to product is as ethical, transparent, and sustainable as possible. With an innovative approach and a pure passion for the planet, Bam is brilliant.

Tasc Performance

With a love of natural materials, Tasc Performance spent a large amount of time doing a deep dive into the best materials to use for creating performance apparel before realizing that to truly meet their own sustainable ethos - they would need to create their own. Their fabric is created from bamboo but has zero chemicals stashed within it. The price range varies but for material that feels so divine against the skin and has been designed with top-level performance in mind, it is well worth the cost. 


Boody is all about helping connect you with those eco-essentials. This Australian brand covers everything from baby clothes to socks, undergarments, and a whole range of glorious accessories. Their minimalist design offers an enchanting aesthetic and Boody also boast a brilliant commitment to being fully transparent meaning that you can track their supply chain from start to finish. This brand has nothing to hide and can completely stand by its eco-conscious ethics. Their products are considered to fall under the banner of affordable luxury. 


Cariuma is another classic bamboo clothing brand. Born in Brazil, this sustainable and stylish company kickstarted life with a mission to create comfortable and classic sneakers that didn’t go out of style. By taking a strong stand against the problems caused by fast fashion, Cariuma is committed to using raw materials that reduce their carbon footprint and don’t stamp all over the health of our planet. This is even echoed in their packaging which is fully recyclable too. The sneakers are made up of everything from bamboo to cork, rubber, sugarcane and so much more. 


A lovely London brand, Thought does what it says on the tin and puts careful thought into its creations. This British company has a zest for life that shines through in its colorful concoctions created for both men and women. They create bamboo soft clothing for women covering everything from dresses to scarves and socks and underwear. For men, they place their emphasis on socks and underwear. While the men’s section can seem limited, the prices are great with a few dollars buying you the comfiest socks you could ever dream of. 

Mary Young

Join the self-love club and get more Mary Young in your wardrobe. This brand not only loves the planet but also loves people and represents this in the way they do business. Their garments are gloriously inclusive and made on home turf in Canada. They also believe in paying workers solid wages and ensuring positive working conditions - ticking all the boxes for clothes that you can feel good in. From essential underwear to bodysuits, leggings, and more - Mary Young uses Oeko Tex-certified rayon of bamboo that comes free from any harmful contaminants. They also swerve any single-use plastics when it comes to their packaging choices. 

337 Brand

The 337 Brand is all about effortless style, comfy leisurewear, and giving back to the planet. This company hails from New York and despite being in the midst of an urban jungle, they care wholeheartedly about the planet and even donate a dollar to plant a tree for every purchase made. Their bamboo clothing is made on home soil in the USA and is committed to circular fashion where garments are created and recycled in an effort to battle fashion wastage. Calling on biodegradable bamboo, their wares are soft and breathable, not to mention amazingly sustainable. 

Cozy Earth

With a vivacious range of viscose bamboo delights, Cozy Earth is every inch as snug and stylish as it sounds. While they may be better known for their super soft and luxurious range of bamboo bedding, their collection also extends to loungewear for men including a range of joggers and hoodies to keep you cool in the summer and snug in the winter months. What sets Cozy Earth apart is its enhanced weave design which means that all their garments will last for even longer. Oprah even named them a firm fave brand of hers. 


We love B corp brands and Encircled has already ensnared our hearts with their high quality and highly ethical fashion fixes. Their range of clothes comes locally made and steers clear of any harmful chemicals. While they have an emphasis on using bamboo, they also have clothing in their range made from Tencel and lyocell too. Encircled is truly passionate about sustainability in a cohesive way that is about so much more than your basic buzzwords. They even commit to ensuring their studio puts its money where its mouth is by using bioplastics and recycled goods wherever they can. 

Free Fly Apparel


Free Fly Apparel is born from a love of the beautiful outdoors. This is important information as those who adore being out in all kinds of weather, know just how important it is to have great breathable clothes that keep the sweat off your back, the sun off your skin, and your comfort levels high. With a sustainable ethos and a wide selection of high-performance products from tip to toe, Free Fly is also considered to be an affordable choice for those who want to embrace the comforts of bamboo clothing.


Not all bamboo clothing is born equal so before you splash out on your eco-friendly sustainable fashion choices, you should always check the label or try and research further to find out if your garment meets sustainability standards. Some of the more common certifications you can expect to see on your bamboo clothing brand labels are EcoCert, Oeko-Tex, and B Corp. These certifications are awarded when a brand checks all the boxes for growing organic materials and processing them in an organic fashion. For peace of mind, always check the labels.

Why Bamboo clothing is the right choice

Bamboo clothing is one of the best gifts you can give your skin. This beautiful fabric is soft as silk, warm as wool, cool as cotton, and enriched with a ton of natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It’s moisture-wicking and works wonders at keeping you cool and dry when you need it to and warm and snug when the weather turns chilly. Not only is bamboo a brilliant choice for your personal comfort but it’s also good for the planet too. Here are some reasons to choose bamboo clothing for everything from activewear to sleepwear and all your dreamy daily wear needs.

Bamboo for people

  • Bamboo clothing is one of the softest materials and is comfortable 
  • It naturally has UV-blocking properties so it keeps your skin safe
  • Bamboo is ultra-breathable making it great for workout or everyday wear
  • Bamboo is naturally antibacterial 
  • It is also hypoallergenic making it great for those with sensitive skin
  • Bamboo is also thermoregulating so good for your year-round wardrobe 
  • It’s highly durable meaning it will last and requires little care
  • Bamboo is considered a luxury fabric that doesn’t break the bank

    Bamboo for the planet

    • Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth making it a great renewable energy source
    • Bamboo also uses a lot less water in comparison to cotton and other plants
    • It can be planted anywhere - even on slopes 
    • It also requires no pesticides or fertilizers to help it thrive 
    • Bamboo can also prevent soil loss as it can help the soil become healthy
    • It has its own root system meaning it doesn’t need to be replanted
    • It sequesters more C02 than cotton 


      Can you use bamboo clothing as activewear?

      Yes, bamboo clothing is really good as active wear thanks to its moisture-wicking properties and its ability to thermal regulate. Even when sweating, bamboo can help you to stay cool and dry even when you are pushing yourself to the limit. It’s often super comfortable and breathable which also makes it great for activewear.

      How are bamboo clothes made?

      Bamboo clothing is made from the cellulose fibers of the bamboo plant. The leaves and the inner pith are taken from the bamboo plant and crushed. These fibers will then soak in a solution designed to make them more malleable and ready for weaving. The fibers will then be washed and woven and spun into yarn which will then be woven into a fabric that can be used to make clothing. 

      What types of bamboo clothing are available?

      There are several different kinds of bamboo clothing out there. You can choose bamboo lyocell, bamboo linen, or bamboo viscose. Bamboo viscose is one of the more common kinds of bamboo fabric although some consider it to be not as environmentally friendly as the other kinds of bamboo fabric as it takes a little more processing. Lyocell relies on closed-loop processing and natural bamboo takes no very little processing.

      Is bamboo clothing the choice for me?

      Bamboo clothing is great for everyone. Not only is it super comfortable and luxurious against the skin but for those who have sensitive skin or allergies, bamboo’s naturally hypoallergenic properties and its moisture-wicking powers will mean that you can keep your skin from getting irritated. It is good to wear throughout the year thanks to its thermal regulating properties too.


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