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What is Yak Wool? Benefits, Uses, & Care for this Unique Material

Yak wool is one of the softest and warmest natural fibers out there. This precious wool comes from the yak -  a cattle-like creature that lives in the lofty heights of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau. As these animals deal with cold winters and plummeting temperatures, they have developed a dreamy warm coat that is considered as soft as cashmere, warmer than sheep wool, and has the added benefits of being moisture-wicking, beautifully breathable, and hypoallergenic to boot. 

Yak wool tends to be harvested in the spring when the animals naturally lose and shed their undercoat. It's collected, and then the downy fibers are turned into yak yarn which is used to make many different yak wool products. You can find everything from yak fiber wool socks to sweaters, sturdy blankets, yak wool shawls, knits, and more. Half of the yak wool out there comes from the yak herders in the northeast of the Tibetan highlights. Yak products are commonly made in Nepal, China, and Mongolia. Yak wool is considered to be more precious than other types of wool as it is a rarer type of wool, considering it only comes from a specific area. It is also time-consuming and requires specialist knowledge to acquire. 

The coat of the yak is multilayered, which is what gives it that initial long and shaggy look. The first layer of yak hair is super soft and fine, whereas the second layer is made of coarse hair, and the third serves as the topcoat that helps the yak stay resistant to cold temperatures. 

Characteristics of Yak Wool


One of the main characteristics of yak wool is the fact that it shares a similar feel to cashmere. It's a truly soft type of wool which makes it very comfortable to wear against the skin. This is mainly because yak wool is finer than other types of wool and tends to be processed gently. 


Along with being soft, yak wool is famed for its warmth. This kind of wool is highly insulating, which means it traps body heat and keeps you cozy in the coldest weather. While yak wool is warm, it's also good at temperature regulation, meaning that it adapts to your body and environmental temperatures too.


Yak wool is also highly durable making it a long-term investment when you buy a product made from this kind of wool. Yak wool fibers are actually way stronger than sheep wool or even alpaca wool as they are thicker and have natural oils that repel water and prevent the fibers from becoming thin or weak.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

Yak wool also has moisture-wicking properties, which means it can easily absorb moisture from the skin and wick it away where it can evaporate. This means that you stay dry when wearing yak wool clothing which is why it's so good as a base layer when hiking or working out.


Yak wool is also hypoallergenic, meaning that your skin stays free from irritation. Yak wool doesn't have any lanolin in it (unlike sheep wool). Lanolin tends to be the reason why some people find sheep wool scratchy or irritating. 

Benefits of Yak Wool

Sustainable - Yak wool is sustainable because yaks can be raised sustainably and don't require intense grazing - meaning they don't strip the earth of resources. Sustainable choices can be excellent for those who are having an emotional detox and when you want to protect your energy from consuming products that leave an impact on the earth.

Biodegradable - Yak wool is naturally biodegradable and doesn't expose the earth to harmful chemicals when it breaks down. 

Eco-Friendly - Yak wool is considered eco-friendly as it's a renewable resource that doesn't harm the yaks. Their wool can also be processed without the use of harsh chemicals. If one of your affirmations is to be more mindful of making eco-friendly choices, yak wool can help.

Warmth - Yak wool has hollow fibers with natural waves, which help create air pockets that lock in body heat and make it naturally insulating. 

Comfort - Yak wool fibers are really fine - with 16-18 microns which makes them move gently with the skin rather than against it.

What are the Uses of Yak Wool?


Yak wool can be used for both base layer and outer layer clothing. It is also used for sweaters, coats, socks, gloves, eastern women's tops, women's tanks, sustainable loungewear, bohemian wear, and other garments. It's also a sustainable, ethical, and durable material to use in clothing which adds to its allure. 


Soft and cozy and feeling like cashmere against the skin, yak wool blankets bring a sense of luxury to your sofa or your bed. Yak wool has natural properties that make it an excellent material for blankets, as its long-lasting, non-itchy, and hypoallergenic.   

Carpets and Rugs

Yak wool carpets and rugs are also a good choice for those who want to bring warmth and comfort to their home. Yak wool is naturally long-lasting and sustainable, meaning that you get a great product that supports the planet and small communities. The natural crimp of the wool makes it feel cushioned to walk on, and the fact that it is a material that is naturally resistant to odors means less cleaning and maintenance. 

Outdoor Gear

Yak clothing is popular for hikers and climbers; this is because the properties of yak wool are designed to keep you warm without sweating. For those battling the elements, it's important to have intelligent gear that knows how to thermo-regulate and moisture wick. 

Home Décor

Blankets and throws, rugs and runners, pillows and wall hangings - yak wool products and home decor items can bring coziness into your home. Yak wool has a range of natural colors - from soft cream to earthy hues, which lend an attractive rustic look to the home. Again, the fact that it's a sustainable material also boosts its benefits.

What Clothing Uses Yak Wool?

Coats - Yak wool is popular as an outerwear material for both coats and jackets. Not only is yak wool insulating and great at trapping body heat and regulating body temperature, but it's also lightweight, meaning a coat made from this wool won't weigh you down.

Sweaters - Yak wool sweaters are soft and comfortable, which is exactly what you want out of a sweater. It's also a durable material meaning that your favorite sweater will last a lifetime. As it's also a breathable material and naturally anti-microbial, it will also stay fresher for longer. Wear with crystal necklaces or gemstone bracelets to add another layer to that beautiful bohemian look.

Gloves - Yak wool will keep hands snug and protected from the elements, and as yak wool can be a quick-drying kind of wool, you don't have to worry about this external layer getting wet.

Socks - Soft and cozy socks made from yak wool will keep your feet warm in icy conditions but will also wick away moisture and reduce sweaty feet syndrome. The anti-microbial properties will also prevent odors and bacterial growth even on the longest walks.

Scarves - Yak wool scarves are a great winter weather investment and will keep your neck warm and dry even in the harshest conditions, all while staying super cozy against the skin. They will also look great when paired with sustainable and ethical spiritual jewelry like crystal earrings, crystal rings, and healing bracelets for women.

Yak Wool for Home Décor

Blankets - Warm and snuggly, yak wool is the perfect material for both sofa and bed blankets. One of the main benefits about yak wool is that it is super warm thanks to its natural insulating properties. It's also naturally moisture-wicking, meaning that if you get hot when under the blanket, it will wick any sweat away.

Throws - A yak throw will only add aesthetic appeal to your sofa, but as it has antimicrobial properties and is odor resistant, you won't have to pour a ton of time into maintaining your home decor pieces. Yak wool is also easily dyed, meaning that there are lots of decorative options out there for pretty throws. 

Pillows - Soft to the touch but also with plenty of plump to its fibers, yak wool can also make a great choice for home decor pillows. Yak wool is also hypoallergenic, which means it won't cause irritation or allergies. 

Curtains - For those seeking curtains natural curtains that are sustainable, durable, and easy to care for - yak or yak wool blend curtains could be your solution. Yak wool is also super insulating, which means it will help keep your house warmer even in extreme cold snaps. Yak wool may also be able to help with soundproofing.

How to wash yak wool

If you want to keep your yak wool safe and sound, you may need to invest a little special care into its cleaning routine. Fortunately, yak wool is antimicrobial and naturally a breathable material, meaning that some items can easily be hung up in the fresh air to 'air it out.' This can also help to bring back some of its original softness without the worry of dampening things down with water and soap.

For those times when you need to give a little more TLC to your yak wool items, hand washing is advised, as this will be the least damaging method to the fibers. You should hand wash gently in cool water with a sensitive or very mild detergent - just a drop or two. You can agitate the item a little but avoid scrubbing or rubbing as this can damage the fibers. Rinse and gently squeeze excess water out and let your yak items dry by placing them on a clean towel away from direct sunlight or heat. Always be sure to double-check your label instructions and take individual advice for your items from the manufacturer first.

Why choose yak wool?

Yak wool is an amazing choice of material for those wanting a sustainable, warm, and super soft material. Not only is yak wool versatile but its intense durability, intelligent properties, and eco-friendly nature gives it the edge over other kinds of wool and certainly synthetic materials. While its unique nature, rarity, and need for specialist sourcing can make it a costlier option - it's well worth the investment. 


Is yak wool safe for babies?

Yes, yak wool is considered to be safe for babies and is loved for its warm, cozy, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic properties. It is often suitable for babies with sensitive skin as its less likely to cause a reaction, although each baby's individual reaction should be monitored.

Is yak wool expensive?

Yak wool can be more expensive than synthetic materials or other types of wool. This is because yak wool is rare and tends to be produced in small and specialist regions of the world rather than mass-produced. It is also labor-intensive to gather yak wool which adds to its cost.

How do I know I’m purchasing authentic yak wool?

If you want to be sure you are purchasing authentic yak wool, you should always buy from a reputable seller. Yak wool should feel warm and soft to the touch and will usually be a little more expensive than other kinds of wool.

Is yak wool itchy?

Overall, yak wool should be less itchy than other kinds of wool, like sheep wool, merino wool, and alpaca wool. This is because yak wool has fibers that are softer and finer, and it is also considered hypoallergenic. 

What is yak wool like?

Yak wool is a soft, durable, and sustainable material that comes from the long hair of the yak animal. Yak wool is considered to be softer and finer than other kinds of wool, and its touch has been compared to cashmere. It's also a great insulator, has moisture-wicking properties, and is hypoallergenic.

Is yak wool soft and comfortable?

Yes, yak wool is considered to be very soft and comfortable. This is because yak hair has fine fibers that are slightly naturally crimped. As the fibers are fine and delicate along with being crimped - this gives them a natural bounce and helps them move with the skin rather than rubbing against it. Yak wool also has natural oils that add to its soft luxurious feel.



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