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Your long time loyalty with Sivana continues to drive us to delight you with our unique assortment that we take great pride in curating for you. Setting your expectations and delivering to our high standard of exceptional customer service, is paramount to our team.

Over the last year and a half, we have navigated through unusual times that continue to bring challenges to how we operate. In recent months, we have been faced with unexpected supply chain hurdles, which inevitably result in product delays. Now with the added tension on global logistics as we move into the holiday season, we will only be able to guarantee Christmas delivery if orders are placed before December 1st. For that reason, we are offering everyone 25% off their order with code: THANKYOU25, as a thank you for shopping and supporting us early on as we continue to navigate through these challenges.

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14 Ways to Protect Your Energy, Personally & Professionally


Our energy is something that carries us through the day. It is a resource we lean on to lift us, motivate us, and fuel our body, mind, and soul. Every time we step out the door or partake in an exchange with someone, we undergo an energy exchange or an energy shift. Depending on the situation, we can either be infused with positive energy, or we can have our energy sapped. We live in a modern and fast-paced world, and trying to balance daily life with family, friends, work, and our own needs can be challenging. Protecting our energy is vital for good mental health if we allow our energy fields to be drained and ourselves to be pulled a million different ways, we are more susceptible to burnout. Here, we look at all the ways in which we can protect our energy levels both in our personal lives and our professional lives too.  

What does it mean to protect your energy?

Protecting your energy can take several forms. It doesn't just mean making choices that feed your positive energy stores, but it also means creating boundaries against unwanted energies too. It also means being aware of your spiritual energy and mental energy levels so you can take the relevant action to restore and rejuvenate yourself before you run dry. 

Why is it important to protect your energy?

Learning how to protect your energy is essential because, without this knowledge and practice, we run the risk of energy vampires draining us or simply because we become emotional sponges that soak up the negative energy of others. Energy exchanges happen with every encounter, and without the right level of energetic protection, we leave ourselves wide open to the influence of others - whether that influence is good or bad.  From healers to empaths, sensitive people, and anyone who wants to keep their cosmic light shining - protecting your energy is important. 

How to protect your energy

Protecting your energy from negative people and keeping your energetic stores topped up should be part of your daily self-care practice. Fortunately, there are some easy (and some more challenging) ways in which you can keep your emotional energy levels safe. Here are 14 ways to keep your spiritual energy systems aligned for better health and harmony.

Be aware of your triggers

Being aware of what triggers an energy drain is one of the best ways of preserving your energy levels. If you know that too much socializing can leave you feeling burnt out - be sure not to stack your social calendar. If work pressure and deadlines sit heavy on your nerves, get organized and don't take too much on. By owning your triggers and making choices in accordance with this knowledge, you have a much better chance of keeping your emotional energy balanced. 

Limit your exposure to negativity

Toxic people and toxic situations will deplete your energy over time and leave you feeling tired, drained, and even downright miserable. Limiting your exposure to negativity doesn't mean pretending to be positive all the time or avoiding friends who are having problems. Still, it does mean being mindful of how much uncomfortable energy or negative vibes you are around on a day-to-day basis and looking where you can trim or rebalance that. Gossip, complaining, judgments, and difficult people can all affect your energy; give yourself permission to limit or leave these encounters. 

Calm your nervous system

The modern world is busy and can send our nervous system into overdrive. We may find ourselves in a constant fight, flight, freeze, or fawn mode, which can take a massive toll on our mental state, our physical body, and of course - our energy levels. Regulating the nervous system is one of the best things you can do. This can be as simple as doing a body scan meditation at specific points throughout the day. It can also be committing to short yoga practices, as movement can be great for balancing the nervous system. Breathwork, gardening, cooking, and crystal meditation are also helpful in encouraging your parasympathetic nervous system into balance.

Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude can be a beautiful and rewarding way of raising your energy when you have been around energy vampires or when you feel like there has been a lot of focus on negative vibes and situations. By practicing gratitude, we create loving, positive vibrations that can help welcome a shift in energy and bring about feelings of kindness, strength, and hope. You can practice gratitude by simply acknowledging what you are grateful for each day or telling those who bring joy to your life exactly how they bring joy to your life. 

Clean your space - make it a sanctuary

Having a physical space, you can escape to when feeling overwhelmed can work wonders on bringing you back from the brink of energy burnout. By cleaning your space, decluttering your surroundings, and filling your home with colors, objects, and textiles that make you feel soothed and calm - you create a sanctuary that holds your own energy. This can be a place to refuel and rejuvenate when the outside world gets too much.

Listen to your gut

Every time we meet people or deal with a situation, we are in an energy exchange. Sometimes this can feel great and infuse you with motivation and uplift your spirit. Sometimes, it can leave you feeling exhausted and drained. Learn to listen to your gut because your body will tell you when something doesn't feel good. 

Create a strong social circle

Being around some people simply makes you feel good, and these are the relationships that should be nurtured and where you should be encouraged to place your time. Surrounding yourself with people who build up your energy reserves or those who bring a calmer energy palate to your plate will make it easier to keep your energy levels high. Swap out those people who bring uncomfortable energy for those who bring their natural light.

Respect your energy and stop giving it away

Helping people feels good, and being there when people need us can be rewarding, but we need to balance this with respecting our energy and not giving away more than we have. Understanding our energy levels, practicing saying no when we need to, and setting clear and firm boundaries are all ways of respecting your energy. Know your value, protect your time, and do your best to keep connected to your body's energy, so you are able to read the physical cues it gives to you. 

Create strong boundaries

Firm boundaries are one of the best skills in your personal toolbox for keeping energy vamps out. It can be difficult to set clear boundaries - especially with the people we love, but it is essential for protecting your energy levels. Saying yes to things we don't want to do, constantly holding space for too many people, and being on call around the clock are all energy drain that can leave an imprint on our mental health and even our physical body. Learn to say no, listen to your body, and take time out when needed. 

Use crystals and other tools

There are many mind and body tricks we can turn to when it comes to keeping our energy safe, but there are also gifts from mother nature that can help. Crystals are all about power and vibrations, and using tourmaline crystals or other stones that are known to offer auric protection can bring strength and keep you safe from energy vampires even when you don't feel like you have the mindset to do it yourself. Carry a worry stone or meditate with these powerful stones when feeling anxious or if someone else's negative feelings are getting you down.

Use visualization techniques

Visualization and meditation are great tools for returning your energy to the body after strenuous or challenging encounters.  You can use simple techniques such as mindful showers and water to wash away toxic energy or imagine a beam of light shining on you and filling you with radiant energy. You can use crystals and incense to clear the energetic space, and you can use sound and light for energy cleansing. 

Reduce distractions

Distractions can also suck our energy away from us. One of the major distractions in modern life can be social media and doom scrolling. Take some time out to unplug from technology and plug into your own energy. By reducing distractions, you can sharpen your focus, stay connected to your wants and desires, and be more proficient in time management and getting stuff done. 

Be aware of time-management

Times and space are so important when it comes to fueling our spiritual energy systems. Keeping your schedule synced with your time management system is an excellent way of staying balanced and not going into overwhelm. This can mean embracing a better work-life balance, not saying yes to every social engagement, not leaving essential tasks to pile up until the last minute, and making sure you carve out personal time just for yourself. When we are precious with our time and mindful of giving away too much of it, we are less likely to make autopilot decisions and more likely to make choices that come from an authentic and honest place.

Learn to let go

Preserving and protecting our cosmic energy isn't always about other people; sometimes, we squander our own energy levels too. This can be when we are caught up in the past, when we hyperfocus on negativity, or when we waste our time with disastrous thinking or anxiety spiraling or using our energy stores on feelings of low self-worth, judgments, and obsessive thoughts about others. By letting all that go, leaning into forgiveness, and focusing on yourself and the positive aspects of life, you can reclaim so much energy and channel it into something that lifts you up and improves your life.

Energy is important

There's no doubt that energy is essential, but in today's hustle climate, where being busy all the time is celebrated, it's good to take a step back and remember to look after ourselves. Be precious with your energy, and know that you get an active say in where that energy goes. Of course, help people but make sure that you are helping yourself by crafting clear boundaries that align with your sense of self and being protective of your time.


How can I start protecting my energy?

Being aware of your energy levels and what drains you is a good way to start protecting your energy. You should also practice setting clear boundaries, reduce time with negative people, and limit distractions so you can focus on what's important to you.

How do you protect yourself from negativity?

You can protect yourself from negativity by carrying black crystals, setting clear boundaries, surrounding yourself with positive people, and learning to let go of things that drag you down. Cultivating good energy is a great way of keeping yourself infused with positivity.

How do you divert negative energy?

Acknowledging how you feel, working with healing crystals, and practicing gratitude are simple ways to divert negative energy. 

How do I redirect positive energy?

You can redirect positive energy by making sure that you put yourself first. By loving yourself and honoring your energy, you keep your vibrations high and stay balanced. Only by keeping ourselves well can we share positive energy with others. 



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