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Your long time loyalty with Sivana continues to drive us to delight you with our unique assortment that we take great pride in curating for you. Setting your expectations and delivering to our high standard of exceptional customer service, is paramount to our team.

Over the last year and a half, we have navigated through unusual times that continue to bring challenges to how we operate. In recent months, we have been faced with unexpected supply chain hurdles, which inevitably result in product delays. Now with the added tension on global logistics as we move into the holiday season, we will only be able to guarantee Christmas delivery if orders are placed before December 1st. For that reason, we are offering everyone 25% off their order with code: THANKYOU25, as a thank you for shopping and supporting us early on as we continue to navigate through these challenges.

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80 Positive Affirmations for Women To Try Today

Affirmations can be a beautiful way to balance a negative mindset. Women have it tough - constantly under pressure and feeling like we have to be perfect, it can be easy to slip into critical or anxious thought patterns. By using positive affirmations you can start to tell yourself a different story and drown out that inner critic with words of love, confidence, and a commitment to self-care. Here, we pull together an ultimate list of incredible affirmations that can be used in every aspect of your life. 

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Words have power and positive affirmations are a way of using certain words to shift your thought patterns and bring power, energy, love, compassion, and a whole host of other bright elements to your inner voice. Simply saying your positive affirmations aloud every day has been proven to boost your mental health but if the idea of saying them aloud is too daunting, you can also write them down or use them in meditation practice as a mantra. Using positive affirmations as a daily practice is essential as the whole point is to manifest these beliefs into reality. Our internal voice can be mean, judgemental, and overly critical and by catching yourself when your inner mean girl is ruling the roost you can start to become more aware of which positive affirmations you may need to adopt. Perhaps your inner mean girl is always putting your appearance down or telling you that you are a terrible decision-maker. It’s time to change that story. By using words of love repeatedly every single day you will start to own that narrative and this will reflect in how you move through the world. 

Daily Affirmations for Women

Daily affirmations are a great practice. By repeating these powerful punchy statements aloud you can kickstart your day in the very best way. Sometimes we need that boost of confidence and a reminder that we are worthy, loved, and in touch with our intuition before we step out the door. These daily affirmations are just the ticket and can work wonders in tapping into that positive mindset especially when you use them as part of your morning practice.

I am my own best advocate

I am enough

My intuition is strong and serves me well

I have the answer and trust it to present itself at the right time

My dreams matter

There are no mistakes, only lessons 

I am worthy of all the goodness in life

I choose me

I will not let my past keep me from my future

Confidence Affirmations for Women

Amp up your confidence with these amazing affirmations. By using these words to remind yourself of your power, courage, and all-around awesomeness, you can enjoy a little more spring in your step. Sometimes we can question ourselves as women - we are taught to be uncertain, unsure, to sit down, be quiet, and not be too pushy. This has a knock-on effect when it comes to our confidence levels and means that we may not always use our voice to speak up or lean into our intuition. Using these confidence affirmations, you can change all that by reminding yourself that you are brave, and smart and that the only opinion that matters when it comes to you - is you. Here are some strong and simple affirmations to boost your confidence levels. 

Today I choose confidence 

I hold all the validation I need

I only care about impressing myself

I am a fun, smart, and sensual being

I have my own best interests at heart

I am full of powerful vibrations 

I am a magnet for abundance 

To thrive in life, I only need myself

I belong 

Self-Love Affirmations for Women

Surround yourself in the light of sweet self-love with these amazing affirmations. Self-love is a muscle that, when flexed on a regular basis can become strong, supple, and second nature. Cultivating confidence and self-worth all starts with learning to love ourselves. Even if you are a hugely compassionate person to others, it can be difficult to bring that energy into your own space. By saying these affirmations in the mirror, calling on them as a daily mantra, or putting them in ink, you can remind yourself just how worthy of big deep love you are. 

I will make some time for me today

I bring so much to the table

I nourish my body and my mind

The love that matters most is my own 

I am healing every day, even if I don’t realize it

I am attuned to the whispers of my heart 

I find something to be proud of every day

I did what I could and that’s what counts

I am walking my own path 

Positivity Affirmations for Women

There’s always a place for positivity and it can be a really important mind-shift that can pull you out of a slump.  While positivity shouldn’t be used to paint over deeper feelings or as a side step from confronting the things that are bothering you, it can be a truly useful thought pattern for guiding you back to the present and remembering to look for the light in the dark. Check out these easy positivity affirmations for women.

I can create the life I want to live 

I am where I need to be right now

I am loved in so many ways 

I will not be weighed down

The best is yet to come 

I learn to control my mind before it controls me

Life is beautiful 

Everything is easy when you are in flow

My joy is a shield from negative energy 

Happiness Affirmations for Women

Happiness can come in short sharp beautiful bursts or it can hang around for longer - welcoming more moments of joy, radiance, and bliss into our lives is great for our mental health, our sense of spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and our ability to be open to receiving the gifts that happiness can bring. Using these happiness affirmations, you can manifest these moods of joy and open your heart to harmony and expansion. 

Happiness is letting go

I welcome happiness into my heart

I give myself permission to embrace joy

I don’t judge myself for the things that make me happy

I am joy

Good things belong to me

It’s never too late to change your life

Today, I will be happy 

I have an infinite well of happiness within

Health Affirmations for Women

Reinforce wellness and wonder into your life every single day with these health affirmations for women. Whether you are looking to celebrate your body, show gratitude for your health, or move out of the mind and into embodiment, these affirmations can help you to cultivate all of the above. By activating your brain‘s reward system with these tender, strong, and empowering words, you can get comfortable in your skin and elevate your sense of wellness. 

I am so thankful for this body 

I make decisions based on self-care

I don’t always have to like my body, but I do have to love it

Health is wealth 

I look and feel radiant 

I am at home in my body 

Looking after myself feels good

I trust my body to communicate its needs

I surrender to rest when I need it

My body does not exist for others

Affirmations for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be a riot of feelings, emotions, and changes - some welcome, some not. While trying to surf the waves of change and process walking down this new pathway, it can be truly grounding, honoring,  and balancing to have a list of helpful affirmations. For some people, pregnancy may have moments of doubts, fears, uncertainties, and other emotions that can make you spiral. By choosing powerful and positive affirmations, you can significantly reduce all shades of stress and anxiety and manifest a sense of peace and calm.

I trust the wisdom of my body 

Change can be challenging, but I welcome it

I surrender to mother nature 

I breathe love into my belly 

I trust my instincts around my body and my baby

Rest is my mission, it will help me to be strong

My labor will be safe and I will be strong 

We will learn together 

I am grateful for the chance to experience this

Affirmations for Mothers

Being a mother can be overwhelming at times and can make you feel like you are moving at a million miles an hour. Maybe you feel pressured to be perfect, to wear a hundred different hats, and to be responsible for the happiness of all those around you. It can be a big sacrifice and you may struggle to carve out time for self-care which in turn can affect our self-confidence and connection to self; this is where turning to these affirmations can help. Affirmations for mothers can be a beautiful reminder that you are doing great, time is precious, and the hard times will pass. Check out these amazing affirmations for mothers.

I don’t need to be perfect, I am doing my best

I remember my own needs matter too

There’s no shame in asking for help

I am the right parent for my child

I don’t need to love every moment of motherhood to love my child

The hard moments will pass 

This time is precious

I will build a house of love

No one is judging me

Affirmations for Women FAQ

What are some affirmations for women in the workplace?

Some great affirmations for women in the workplace include: I am enough, I am good at my job, I always give my all, I am powerful and capable, and I deserve this.

What’s the best positive affirmation for women?

One of the best positive affirmations for women is ‘I am enough’ as we often move through life feeling like we are too much or that we are not enough. 

What are your favorite affirmations for tapping into the power of positive thinking and raising your self-esteem? Share with us and together we can welcome personal growth, good health, and let the law of attraction in - all while keeping those negative thoughts at bay.


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