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Best Kaftans Dresses of 2023

Introduction to Kaftan Dresses

Easy, breezy, and beautifully comfortable - the kaftan dress has been around since as far back as the ottoman empire. Defined originally as being a loose-fitting garment with long sleeves that fell below the knees like a tunic or robe, this item of clothing was a staple in many cultures. From South Asia to North Africa, Russia, and Eastern Europe - some form of the kaftan would be the go-to dress of the day, especially for sultans and royalty.

Kaftans became big news in the western fashion world when we entered the 1970's and the free-flowing hippy movement shaped our style. Loved for its flowing fun, and endless array of bright colors and patterns - not to mention that east meets west style, kaftan dresses became a wardrobe staple. These days kaftans can be found everywhere - from breezy kaftans at the beach and the pool to cute kaftan dresses - there's so much variety that can be found in this chic dress style.  

Top 10 Kaftan Dresses of 2023

As one of the best comfort clothing options out there, we cannot get enough kaftans for women. Flattering, fun, and with a ton of options when it comes to color, design, material, and style - it's no wonder the kaftan dress hasn't gone out of style. We look at some of the best kaftan dresses for women making a splash in 2023.

VILLA HERMOSA CAFTAN - Midi kaftan dress

If you are looking for a drapey silk kaftan, this offering from Villa Hermosa is enough to make you swoon. A lightweight cotton blend makes it feel breezy, and the pretty touches like the pin stripe kaftan style and fringe hem bring vintage bohemia and modernity together. 

Price $129.98

Blend Gauze Kaftan

Brighten your life with this gorgeous blend gauze kaftan from Lisa Marie Fernandez. Made from the best materials, like breathable linen, this hooded gingham patterned piece is utterly unique and feels like a dream to slip on. Mid-weight and with a slip-on style, it's a must for any vacation.

Price $795

Organic kaftans

Bold and beautiful - there are a million reasons to fall in love with Carolina K's exquisite organic kaftans. With a range of bold prints, vibrant colors, and either a loose or cinched fit, this collection of kaftans are also crafted from sustainable clothing materials. 

Price $500-1000

Floral print kaftan

For those looking for affordable kaftan dresses in pretty styles, this floral print kaftan from Sakkas Store could be the best solution. With its short sleeves, billowy style, and attractive price tag, this floral print midi kaftan dress is awesome for everyday wear in the summer months


Celeste kaftan

Hand cut, made in Como, Italy, and singularly cut from the finest silk - this Celeste kaftan from Via Coquina is a dream. Not only does it boast beautiful, inspired shades and one-of-a-kind patterns, but the cut, feel, and attention to detail is as perfect as can be.

Price $720

fringed crepe kaftan

Blue kaftans don't come any better than this fringed crepe kaftan from Taller Marmo. The Mrs. Ross kaftan is designed and named after a piece worn by Diana Ross and is every bit as dramatic as you could imagine. Made in Italy from crepe and with a sweeping fringe style, its the only statement piece you need.

Price $730

Adini Sultana Cotton Caftan

Bring back the boho vibes of the glam seventies with this vintage kaftan. Gorgeous and gauzy, and with all the colors and shimmer you need to make a statement, this is a kaftan that makes you want to dance beneath the stars all night long. Free falling in cut and patterned with feminine finesse, this Adini Sultana Cotton Caftan is all about colorful style.

Hatch Riviera Maternity-specific Kaftan

Kaftans make for amazing maternity dresses thanks to their comfort and flow. This beautiful piece from Hatch Riviera steps it up a notch. Elegant and enchanting, this formal wear kaftan is equal measures comfortable and striking. 

Price $380

cold shoulder kaftan dressread

Invoke pure goddess vibes with this cold shoulder kaftan. Crafted from polyester and rayon and with a ton of colors to choose from - it's a great investment for your next beach trip - especially when paired with cute sandals. The gold detailing, v-neck style, and super lightweight feel make this breezy dress a must. 

neck kaftan

Soft draping and soft shades make this v-neck kaftan dress a stylish choice. The asymmetrical style, modern cut, and short wide sleeves can propel you into the 21st century - all while ticking the boxes of what you want when it comes to a comfortable and classic kaftan dress. 

Price $35

Factors to Consider when Choosing Kaftan Dress


One of the most important considerations when choosing your kaftan dress is to make sure that you put comfort first. With a relaxed silhouette and breezy materials - casual caftans are all the rage as they are designed to keep you cool and feeling like your skin can breathe. Caftan dresses in natural fabrics and ones that don't cling or come too tight are going to be the most comfortable caftans out there. 


While the breezy cotton caftan is synonymous with beach bliss, kaftans can be worn for many different occasions and aren't just confined to summer, sea, and sand. You can wear a bold kaftan to a party or pick a pretty and well-cut kaftan in a block color and wear it to a more formal event. 


Material matters when it comes to the clothes you wear, and kaftans are best when made from natural fabrics. Picking a 100% cotton caftan will keep you cool in the summer months, and bamboo and silk caftans will also ensure your comfort levels stay high. Conscious kaftan dresses work best when woven from natural and lightweight materials that let your skin breathe.

Size and fit

While you may think that kaftans take a one-size-fits-all approach with their billowy sleeves and generous drape, picking a stylish caftan that is cut well and fits you is bound to look better. While you want your kaftan to fall free, you may want to pay attention to length. Long chic kaftan dresses that fall to the floor or beyond the knee can work beautifully as evening wear. Whereas shorter colorful kaftan dresses are excellent for sweet summer days and casual affairs. 

Buying Guide for Kaftan Dresses

How to measure size

If you want to measure your size for the right kaftan, you want to measure length first, as this will determine where the hem of your kaftan will fall. You can also measure the fullest part of the bust, the waist, and the hip area - again, looking for the fullest part. 

Tips for choosing the right fabric

Finding the right fabric will depend on what style of kaftan you want and when you are planning to wear it. Summer kaftans are best made from breathable materials like soft cotton or silk. Cotton is best for those poolside and beach cover-up kaftans. If you are looking for a kaftan with a more formal and elegant feel - bamboo rayon or silk will work well, as it has a heavier and fuller fall to it.

How to care for Kaftan dresses

When it comes to caring for your kaftan dresses, you want to make sure that you always follow the label when it comes to washing and drying. As kaftans can be made from delicate fabrics like cotton and silk, you may prefer to handwash your adorable kaftans, especially if they are only lightly soiled. If you decide to iron your cute kaftan dresses, make sure you keep the iron on its lowest setting or steam dry instead. If you have bright and colorful caftans, you may want to keep them out of direct sunlight incase the colors fade.

Where to buy the best Kaftan dresses

As kaftan dresses make it to every seasonal line, you can pick your pretty kaftans up at a range of high street stores and online. Summer timelines will see white kaftans and floral caftans popping up, but even in the shoulder seasons and winter, you can find a range of stylish kaftans online in thicker, heavier fabrics. Always make sure you are buying your kaftan dresses for women from reputable retailers. 


Whether it's a classic summer white caftan or a super modern and chic caftan dress for women, this article of clothing has proved itself to be one of the best fashion staple investments you can find. Comfortable, versatile, flattering, and with a ton of different style options, the kaftan continues to be one of those timeless pieces that will serve you and your wardrobe well for years to come.


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