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Does Copper Turn Your Skin Green? Yes, And Here's Why

Copper has a whole heap of healing benefits - anti-inflammatory, easing aches and pains, balancing emotions, and being a bright and beautiful conductor of spiritual energy, are just a few. Yet, this golden-red healing metal has also been known to leave a green tinge on the skin, causing some people to wonder what exactly is happening with copper and whether it is safe to wear. We delve into why copper makes for an amazing material for healing jewelry and explain exactly why it can cause your skin to turn green.

Why does your skin turn green when you wear certain jewelry?

Flashing with shades of gold and red, bright and burnished, and loaded with high vibrations - copper is a warm and earthy feeling metal believed to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. As copper is gifted naturally from mother earth, it needs a certain refinement to make it suitable to wear as jewelry. Copper can turn your skin green because of an oxidation reaction. When copper mingles with external elements such as oxygen, sweat on your skin, and other oils, it can leave copper carbonate on the skin, which shows up as a green layer. This reaction is completely natural and not at all harmful. The PH level of your skin, the beauty products you use, and your body's unique chemical makeup can all affect how quickly this happens. Whether you get the green tinge or not - it doesn’t affect copper's ability to heal and elevate your health.

Does green skin from jewelry go away?

If copper leaves its mossy patina on your skin - don’t worry. This isn’t cause for concern and won’t harm you in any way; it's a natural reaction and nature's way. The green coloring will also go away if you stop wearing copper. If you want to keep wearing your favorite copper jewelry but avoid the greenness, there are also some little tricks you can keep up your sleeve to prevent any change in skin color.

What are the health benefits of wearing copper jewelry?

Beautiful bright copper not only catches the eye but also comes with plenty of health benefits. Famed for helping soothe the aches and pains of arthritis and joint pain, reducing inflammation, and fending off the signs of aging - along with being an infection fighter, copper knows how to pull out all the stops when it comes to boosting your health and wellbeing. Here we share some of the benefits of copper to remind you that even though it can be a culprit for skin discoloration, the pros certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to your body, mind, and soul. 

Mineral absorption

One of the major healing benefits of wearing pure copper jewelry is that it helps the bloodstream absorb much-needed microminerals. Pure copper has zinc and iron stashed within it (both great for the body), and when your copper bracelet is pressed against the skin and mingles with your sweat - it can easily be absorbed into the body and the bloodstream. This is one of the main reasons why people who suffer from anemia or iron and zinc deficiencies choose to wear copper jewelry. Our bodies need zinc and iron to help us thrive, and wearing copper jewelry can be a more direct method of getting these nutrients into the skin than taking supplements.

Increasing cardiovascular health

If you want your heart to beat healthy - here’s another thing copper jewelry can do for you. This magic metal can help boost collagen and elastin in the body, which can help link fibers and reduce the risk of aneurysms in the large artery that moves blood through the chest and upper body. The body needs copper to keep the aorta strong and connected, which is another reason for those with copper deficiency or anyone wanting to boost their cardiovascular health to slip on a copper bracelet or copper ring.


Copper is great for the skin and can even help reduce the visible impacts of aging. As copper is rich in antioxidant properties, it can stop free radicals in their tracks - as the peptides work as antioxidants. Copper can also encourage more collagen and elastin in the skin and helps cross fibers. The results of all of this can lead to skin feeling and looking plumper and softer, and lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Copper is also famed for its anti-inflammatory properties, so for those with skin conditions, wounds, broken skin, and redness, wearing copper jewelry can reduce this.

Healthier immune system

Copper can be a secret weapon when it comes to boosting your immune system.  This shiny bright metal is known for being anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and for its ability to clear out bacteria from the body. Those with low copper levels can find themselves more susceptible to infections or illness, as studies have shown that phagocytes in the body use copper concentrations to fight off bacteria. This trace mineral is essential in helping protect the body from disease. 

How do I stop my jewelry from turning my skin green?

While the green discoloration from copper is a completely normal and natural chemical reaction, it can be annoying for some people. It's important to remember that the green patina left on the skin isn't a copper allergy or other allergic reaction, nor is it the sign of cheap jewelry - which is often the misconception. Instead, it's simply the copper content reacting to your individual body chemistry. But for those who want to enjoy flashing their copper metal rings and bracelets without the green color, we have some tips to help prevent or reduce the appearance of green marks on the skin. 

Use nail polish - using clear nail polish, you can paint the inside of your ring or bracelet to create a surface coating barrier between the skin and the copper. This simple technique reduces green residue, as the base metal won't directly contact your skin. You may need to reapply every now and then as the coating can wear off. 

Rhodium plating - for those seeking a longer-term solution to prevent their jewelry from turning their finger green, you can also get your copper rings and bracelets rhodium plated. Like the nail polish solution, this method creates a protective barrier between the metal and your skin, meaning that your body acidity will be stopped before hitting the copper -essentially halting the oxidation process. 

Reduce wear - while you want to get as much wear out of your copper jewelry as possible to boost your intake of those amazing healing properties, you may want to avoid wearing your jewelry on days when you are more likely to sweat and when in water. This is because copper exposure to sweat and chlorine can speed up oxidation.  

Take breaks - taking breaks from wearing your copper jewelry will also give your skin a chance to breathe and can reduce the amount of time your skin spends in contact of copper. 

Clean your copper jewelry - keeping your copper jewelry items clean will also help clear out any lotions, dirt, and other chemicals that can be absorbed into your copper and will reduce the likelihood of the copper reacting with outside influences.  


How do you keep your skin from turning green from copper?

If you want to prevent your skin from turning green when wearing your copper jewelry, you can choose a number of easy techniques You can choose to get your copper jewelry plated. You can paint the inside of your copper jewelry with clear nail varnish to create a barrier, and you can avoid wearing your copper jewelry on days when you are more likely to sweat and when swimming.

Is green skin from copper toxic?

No, the green coloring that marks the skin after wearing copper jewelry is a natural reaction. It is caused by copper reacting to air, sweat, and other chemical elements on your skin as part of oxidation. This is not harmful to you at all and is actually a natural way for your body to absorb the nutrients within the copper.

Is it safe to wear copper jewelry?

Yes, wearing copper jewelry is not only safe but also brings many health benefits. Copper jewelry is anti-microbial, helps ease arthritis and other aches and pains, and contributes to a healthier immune system, among other benefits.


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