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How to Wear a Kaftan: A Style Guide for Every Occasion

The kaftan has been around since ancient Mesopotamia and has yet to fall out of style. This versatile piece of fabric knows how to make a statement, and because of its timeless appeal, comfort, and fine flexibility, it is now a staple in modern wardrobes around the world. There are many things to love about kaftans, but one of the biggest appeals for this garment is that it fits and flatters a wide variety of body types and can be worn for many different occasions. Easy to dress up and cool enough to dress down, we look at all the ways you can style your kaftan, whether hitting a formal evening party or heading to the beach.

The Rich History of Kaftans

Kaftans are among the oldest types of clothing, spanning centuries and civilizations. They were once a wardrobe item worn only by royalty as a mark of status in the 12th century. Still, they were also donned for wear across Persia, Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, and Mesopotamia. By the time the 17th century came around, they were everyday dress across parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Kaftans started to appear in Western fashion around the 19th century. By the time 20th-century fashion designers adopted their unique statement style in the golden era of bohemia, they were part of our modern fashion. 

Choosing the Right Kaftan

Fabric Considerations: With so many kinds of kaftans, the first trick to picking the right one for you and your occasion is selecting the right fabric. Kaftans can be made from silk, cotton, bamboo, linen, and basically any material that fits the flow. For more elegant kaftans for special occasions, you may want to look at silk but for everyday wear - cotton or bamboo clothing can be breathable, casual, and still super comfortable. 

Understanding Lengths and Fits: Kaftans come in many different lengths and fits, and no one size fits all, which is why they are super versatile. From sweeping floor-length kaftans to shorter cuts, loose-fit flowing boho-style kaftans, or embellished kaftans with a closer, more defined fit, the possibilities for playing with your collection of kaftans are endless.

Styling Kaftans for Different Body Types

Kaftans for women can be suitable for all body types, and choosing the right length and fit will flatter your natural height and shape. For example, apple-shaped body types can choose v-neck caftans to accentuate and elongate the torso. In contrast, curvier body types can look to kaftans with a cinched waist to call attention to curves. Petite wearers may want a kaftan cut a little shorter so it doesn't look like it drowns you out. Plus-size figures can opt for kaftan dresses in a loose-flowing style paired with bold prints and colors to stay cool while looking equally cool in a bright statement piece. 

Accessorizing Your Kaftan

Kaftans can be their own statement piece or serve as blank canvases for transforming your look. A simple kaftan dress can be paired with statement jewelry like big, bold statement earrings, a chunky necklace, or many bracelets to add a dramatic and glamorous flair. If you have a loose kaftan dress, add a belt to bring shape to the waistline. Shoes will make all the difference to your overall look with beachwear pieces and summer outings calling for flat sandals and a pair of heels suiting that cocktail party. A clutch bag paired with this versatile garment will elevate to evening status, whereas a straw bag and wide-brimmed hat instantly put you on vacation mode. 

Occasion-based Kaftan Styling Tips

Casual and Beachwear: Casual-looking kaftans are always a great idea for heading out on vacation, making the most of sweet summer weather, or planning a day at the beach. The best kaftans for these occasions are those with flowy fabric or lightweight fabrics like crinkled cotton fabric, floral prints, the brightest caftan, or sheer fabrics with wide sleeves for the beach or pool. 

The best way to wear your kaftan casually is to throw it on over a pair of shorts and wear it open with flats and minimal jewelry. You can also opt for the breezy kaftan beach dress in organic cotton paired with a sunhat for a simple look. Casual days on the town mean your kaftan can be matched with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. 

Evening and Formal Events: Kaftan style isn't just for casual days; it can also work as elegant pieces for evening wear and formal events. Pick a beautiful garment in a gorgeous, luxurious fabric with a contemporary style. You can opt for well-cut and fitted block print kaftans or Grecian vibes with dreamy, flowing whites and pearl earrings. 

Embellished kaftans with stunning prints and bright-colored kaftans can all lend a bold statement air to your evening wardrobe. If you have a simple kaftan style, dress it up with heels and bohemian jewelry. If you have a bright-colored and patterned kaftan, you can keep it classy with delicate earrings or easy-going gold pieces. Balance is always key when it comes to elegance. 

The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Kaftan

  • Do experiment with bold colors and bright prints to bring bohemian flair to your kaftan look.
  • Do consider shape and proportion to ensure your kaftan choice compliments your body type.
  • Do wear seamless underwear if you are wearing a fitted and tight kaftan to create a smooth silhouette.
  • Do accessorize your kaftan according to the occasion - considering elements like footwear, jewelry, and bags to create a coherent look.
  • Do pick fabrics that fit the event - luxury fabrics like silk for the evening and cotton for casual nights or day wear.
  • Don't pick a kaftan that is too long or too short for your height.
  • Don't overwhelm your kaftan ensemble with endless accessories; remember, balance is key. 
  • Don't think a kaftan is just for summer—you can pair it with thermal tights, jeans, and boots to create layers that will keep you warm in winter.

Caring for Your Kaftan

Caring for your caftan pieces correctly will ensure they stay a beautiful part of your wardrobe ensemble for years. Always check the care instructions on the label, as different kaftan materials have different needs. A good rule of thumb is to hand wash your kaftan or put it on a delicate cycle. Using cold water and mild detergent will also keep your kaftan bright. Dry away from direct sunlight and shape while wet to keep it fit and to ensure colors and prints stay bold. 


Kaftans are, without a doubt, one of the best wardrobe staples you can have. Versatile, timeless, and forever flattering, this comfortable yet elegant garment can be worn for every occasion (with the right accessories). Don't be afraid to play with kaftan choices - whether you want something bright and bohemian or swish and elegant, the best kaftans are waiting for you. 


Do you wear anything under a kaftan

If you have a sheer kaftan, you can wear uniform colors underneath, like white linen trousers and a white cami, to keep the look cohesive. But you can wear anything under a kaftan; they can be used over swimwear for beach days, or you can wear them over shorts, jeans, leggings, and more. 

Which body type should wear kaftan

One of the best things about kaftans is that they flatter all body types. The trick is to choose kaftan styles that suit your body type and consider your height and length to balance your look. 

How to wear Indian kaftan

An Indian style kaftan can be worn in many ways. You can wear a simple print cotton kaftan to the beach or for casual days with flat sandals and minimal accessories. You can also dress up for an Indian print kaftan by pairing it with heels or seeking a kaftan in silk or chiffon with elaborate embellishments. 

When should you wear a kaftan

You can wear a kaftan on many occasions. Caftans are a good choice for summer days on the beach or by the pool when you want to cover up easily. They can also be worn to more formal events and occasions, especially if you pick luxurious kaftans and pair them with sophisticated accessories and footwear. 



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