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How to Tie a Wrap Dress: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the hallmarks of the wrap dress is the fact that it closes at the front by wrapping one side across the other and tying it either at the side or all the way around at the back. This method of crossing and tying creates a V-shaped neckline and a close silhouette at the top. The wrap factor also adds flexibility, making it the perfect dress for those who want to create a fit that suits their own unique shape.

The wrap dress style offers a timeless dress silhouette which instantly makes it a classic. The iconic wrap dress has actually been around for centuries and is believed to have made its way into European popular dress style due to Eastern influences on fashion in the 19th century. The wrap dress neckline can even be traced back to China and the Shang Dynasty in 1600 BC. In the West, it picked up popularity thanks to the 1930s robe-style house dresses. Perhaps it was fashion designer Diane Von Fürstenberg who carried the wrap dress into the stylish convertible dress we know and love today. She redesigned the dress style in the 1970s and was heavily inspired by the Japanese Kimono during a time when Eastern women's tops and garments were becoming more influential in modern fashion.

From a maxi wrap dress to day wrap dresses and a classy black dress wrap for date night, this style of dress can take your wardrobe to a whole new level. The wrap dress is so popular for both casual occasions and events that call for fancy outfits because of its versatility. Your fave wrap dress can be dressed up or toned down with the ease of accessories like gemstone bracelets, shoes, and layers, and they can also be worn in warm summer months or works as a great dress in winter when paired with a cozy cardigan. This style of dress is also hugely flattering and creates a fantastic hourglass figure, thanks to the dress tie waist design. Timeless, adjustable, and the perfect outfit for every occasion, it's no surprise that everyone is a fan of wrap dresses. Here's how to tie and wear one of the best dresses for women... 

Step-by-Step Guide to Tying a Wrap Dress

Knowing how to tie your favorite wrap dress is a game changer. While it may sound relatively straightforward, it's important to get the tie-waist dress just right so the piece of fabric fits like a dream. One of the best things about the wrap dress is the fact that the design of tying the panels with strings makes for a close and personalized fit. Knowing how to wrap it right can ensure that you get the best classic wrap dress fit. Even beyond the basics of knowing how to tie your wrap dress, because it's such a versatile piece, you can also play around with tying methods to shake up the look and adjust elements like the neckline, the depth of the V-neck cut, and whether its a tight or flowy dress. We take you through all the key stages of tying your wrap dress for success.

 Step 1: Putting on the dress

1. Depending on the style, you can either slip the dress over your head or step into it.
2. Once the dress is on, make sure it's sitting properly on your shoulders and bust for a well-formed and flattering fit. 

Step 2: Wrapping the dress

1. Identifying the wrap side of your dress - this should be apparent as it will be a longer piece of fabric and will have a tie or an opening, depending on its style.
2. Gently pull the wrap side across your body, checking that it has a comfortable scooping neckline that suits how you want it to look. You can make this tighter or looser depending on how much you pull the dress panel over.
3. Secure the wrap side by threading the string or tie through the hole or loop and adjust accordingly for a snug or comfortable fit.

Step 3: Tying the dress

1. Wrap the belt or sash around your waist - you can wrap it multiple times if you are aiming for a closer-cut silhouette. 
2. Adjust the tightness of the belt or sash for a more comfortable fit. Remember, one of the more flattering aspects of the wrap dress style is the fact that it has that cinched waist to accentuate those curves. 
3. Create a secure knot or tie a cute little bow to keep everything safely in place. 

Step 4: Adjusting the dress for the perfect look

1. Smooth the fabric over your body to avoid rumples and creases and to create a graceful draping silhouette. 
2. Align the neckline and shoulders to create a balanced frame for your upper body.
3. Check for gaps or unevenness and adjust accordingly. 

Types of wrap dresses

True wrap dress

A true wrap dress is when the dress is designed to wrap around the body and be tied with a belt or a string tie. This kind of design is great because it's completely customizable and can be adjusted to fit you like a dream. Not only is the waist able to be cinched tighter or let out looser, but the neckline can also be adapted, allowing the wearer to cover up or have a deeper plunge depending on their preference. This style of dress is great for capturing that hourglass shape, and because it can be adapted with each wear, you can keep this as a wardrobe staple for years to come. 

Faux wrap dress

The faux wrap dress shares a similar look to the true wrap dress, but it actually has a fixed front closure and just appears to be a wrap dress. It can have a stitched left panel or similar cut dress pattern but stays closed rather than having that wraparound and tie element. This is great for those who want to wear the closed-wrap dress style but don't want to mess around with ties and make adjustments. The visual element can be the same as the true dress, but you won't be able to play with the fit as it will be fixed with a uniform circumference rather than adjustable. 

Selecting the appropriate fabric

Wrap dresses come in a whole range of fabrics, and choosing the right fabric is really down to personal preference, style, and even making the right choice with an occasion in mind. While there are tons of fabrics to choose from, you may want a material that works well with being draped. Silk, rayon, and even a lightweight jersey-style material all fall gracefully and can elevate your wrap dress game. For comfort, you can also pick a material that has a little give and stretch, as this helps the movement of the dress without it being too clingy on the hips. Season matters too - dresses for spring will work from a lightweight fabric, and a boho summer dress will look divine cut from silk, cotton, or bamboo. For winter, you can opt for a wool or jersey fabric that brings warmth and layer up around it. 

Determining the correct size and fit

One of the joys of the wrap dress is the fact that it can be adjusted to suit your body shape and size. However, it helps to get the correct size to work with to avoid too much excess material. One of the best ways to determine the right fit is to ensure that you check the size charts of the brand where you are buying the dress. Be sure to measure hips, waist, and bust to get the right fit. One tip to bear in mind is that you may want to size up when choosing your dress, as this allows for more flexibility and versatility when wrapping and shaping your dress to suit. 


Wrap dresses are fit for so many occasions thanks to their stunning versatility and range of styles - few items of clothing give it a run for its versatility other than maybe the tunic. You can get short-sleeve wrap dresses with bright motifs for summer and spring, A-line silhouette wrap dresses, boho summer dress style wrap dresses, and even bridesmaid silk dress styles with wraparound features - the choice is endless. This cut of dress is also so easy to accessorize and dress up or down, which is why it is so versatile - from a hippie dress to a special occasion dress. Wrap dresses are designed to make you feel good about yourself and can be used as affirmations for self-care style and emotional detox for your wardrobe wear choices. Ease and elegance and the ability to fit your own shape are the reasons why the wrap dress has been a hit for centuries. 


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