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Bamboo Meaning & Symbolism Guide- Strength, Longevity, Growth

Beautiful bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and is becoming quite the staple when it comes to being a sustainable material with multiple uses. From panda food to rafts, construction, medicine, clothing, and more - this tropical grass has so much going for it. Bamboo has always been considered a symbol of good luck - especially in Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian cultures (like Thai, Korean and Vietnamese) where it has long been celebrated and part of daily life. Oozing with natural elements, blessed with simplicity, and synonymous with themes of strength, flexibility, and continual growth, bamboo offers so much more than what meets the eye. Bamboo is one of the oldest plants around and has been around for thousands of years meaning that it has had plenty of time to make its mark. We take a look at some of the meanings and symbolism attached to this ancient plant.

Bamboo as a Symbol of Strength

Despite its seemingly delicate appearance, bamboo is one of the strongest plants there is. Bamboo is so strong it even makes for great alternative building material and is considered to be even stronger than steel. From construction in buildings to furniture, the road beneath our feet, and so much more - there are hundreds of uses for bamboo that calls on its strength and sublime power. Not only does it grow upright with all the power imaginable, but the way bamboo grows depends on an interconnected root system. This means that it has a solid base which helps it thrive along with preventing soil erosion and avoiding depleting the resources of the natural world. This is the stunning symbology that reminds us that with solid foundations and roots we can rise and that if we look at connecting our roots with those around us, we can build a community that gives back to the world rather than constantly taking.

Symbol of Flexibility

Bamboo is special because although it’s truly strong it isn’t rigid in any way and instead maintains its fierce flexibility. This plant can withstand monsoon conditions and all kinds of adverse environments and yet still, it thrives. Another reason why bamboo poles and bamboo stems are such a popular material in construction (especially in earthquake and hurricane zones) is the fact that it is flexible enough to withstand movement without causing too much damage. In short, bamboo knows how to surrender and be flexible while still maintaining its strength and structure which is a life lesson we can all learn from.

Symbol of Simplicity & Continuous Growth

Bamboo is also a symbol of simplicity and growth. It grows and grows and grows and never stunts itself. It also has a simplicity to its elemental nature and some forms of bamboo cane come with a hollow center. This doesn’t mean that we too should be ‘hollow’ on the inside, but points toward us staying open and ready to receive even more experiences and learning rather than considering ourselves to be full or not to have space. 

Symbol of Good luck

Another amazing thing about bamboo is the fact that it works hard for the environment around it. Instead of taking, it actually gives back. Bamboo can soak up negative energy from the world it inhabits and is known for eating up carbon dioxide and pumping out plenty of oxygen. This commitment to creating a good environment echoes with positive vibrations and can become a magnet of good luck and beautiful abundance. Welcome bamboo into your world and let it soak up all those negative vibes and keep the air around you feeling fresh - both spiritually and physically too. 

What Does Dreaming of Bamboo Symbolize?

If you have ever dreamt of bamboo it could be a symbol of personal growth. If you are planting bamboo in your dream it can mean that you are about to head out on a spiritual journey. If you dream of a bamboo tree already tall and strong, it can be a reminder that you have the necessary skills and strength to achieve all your dreams.

Different Bamboo symbolism and their positive interpretations

Understanding symbolism and how it shows up isn’t a one size fits all solution. Sometimes it can mean different things that relate differently to the circumstances in which you see them. This can be the case with bamboo. Here we look at some of the different symbols associated with bamboo. 

Seeing Bamboo

Seeing a bamboo tree (either in dreams or if you are drawn to one in waking life) can be a sign that your life is currently in balance. It can also mean that you have the strength to endure any obstacles that are being thrown your way. A bamboo forest can point toward the need to connect more with the community.

Cutting Bamboo

If you are cutting bamboo it can signify that you may need to make a change to better your life. This can be a change in terms of lifestyle, health, emotional response, or any other element that you feel is holding you back. 

Holding Bamboo

If you are holding bamboo it can signify that you are trusted and loved by those around you and that you should be mindful not to break those bonds or be clumsy when holding that much trust. To be a pillar for others can be a responsibility and therefore, you should be gentle with that and take it seriously while also ensuring that you aren’t burning yourself out and carrying too much. 

Seeing Bamboo Furniture

Seeing bamboo furniture can mean that you are entering a place of growth and maturity in life. Maturing isn’t necessarily linked to age and can instead be a reference to having gone through a lesson or having embraced an experience that sharpened your sense of self and helped you to welcome acceptance. 

Lucky bamboo

If you want to find an easy way to bring more bamboo into your life - the lucky bamboo plant can be a simple solution. This humble and easygoing little plant knows how to charm and also serves as a good luck symbol and attractor of wealth and abundance. Placing this plant in your home is said to up the energy of Feng Sui in your space and helps to create balance and harmony in the home. The different number of stalks on this plant also each come with their own meaning. 

Two stalks - love and luck

Three stalks - joy and longevity

Five stalks - wealth and growth

Six stalks - luck and prosperity

Seven stalks - health and wellness

Eight stalks - motivation and luck

Nine stalks - good fortune and blessings

Ten stalks - perfection and the close of a chapter

Twenty-one stalks - all the abundance 

Tradition of lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is synonymous with ancient traditions practiced in China and Japan. Along with the significance behind the number of stalks and what that means, it is also believed that if you wrap a red ribbon around your lucky bamboo, you harness and balance the Feng Sui energies of wood, fire, earth, and water. In Chinese culture, the small bamboo plant is a symbol of luck and harmony and has a different meaning depending on how many stalks of bamboo it has.

Why should bamboo be placed in a home?

Lucky bamboo can bring plenty of positivity into your home. If you want to nurture the energy of good health and strong family bonds, you can place it in the east of your home. If you want to attract wealth and abundance, then place it in the southeast. 


What is the connection between bamboo and luck?

Bamboo plants have been associated with luck for thousands of years and this could come from Feng Shui practice and the Vastu Shastra. Both of these ancient guides are centered around the spiritual science of architecture and how the placement of items and spatial geometry can affect your person.

What does the word "bamboo" mean?

The definition of bamboo often refers to the long woody grass that is synonymous with strength and good luck. It takes its name from the Malay word of Mambu which was later adapted by the Dutch or the Portuguese in the 16th century to Bamboes. 

What is the symbolic meaning of bamboo in Buddhist culture?

In Buddhist culture, bamboo is considered to be a symbol of enlightenment. This may be a nod towards the hollow stems of the plants’ makeup and how when we embrace a version of emptiness, we can become a vessel for the energy of the universe to flow. 

What are the Chinese words for lucky bamboo?

There are different words and names for the lucky bamboo plant. In Chinese it is 富贵竹. It also goes by the name of Dragon Tree, Ribbon Plant, the Money Plant, and by its natural botanical name of Dracaena Sanderiana



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