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The Best Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands, Reviewed

Baby skin is soft and sensitive and any new parent or guardian wants to make sure that the little person in their life is properly cared for and as comfortable as can be. This means picking the perfect materials and textiles that will keep your baby warm and dry in those early days, months, and even years. There are lots of reasons to love bamboo when it comes to beautiful baby wear. Naturally hypoallergenic, as soft as silk, and with all those wonderful UV-blocking rays and antibacterial properties, you couldn’t dream up a better material for getting cozy. Not only is bamboo blissful for babies but it’s also a good choice for those who want to do their part for the planet too. Here, we take a look at some of the best baby clothes brands you can find. 

Our Favorite Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands

What makes a great bamboo baby clothes brand? We have curated this list of first-class companies that take comfort and sustainability seriously when it comes to keeping your young ones wrapped up in softness and style. For those wanting to keep their baby’s skin butter soft and free from the discomfort of sweat, chaffing, and any kind of discomfort, these affordable, eco-friendly, clean, and safe clothes can change your life. 

Kate Quinn


Colorful, charming, and with clothing made across the globe in India and Africa, Kate Quinn is all about quality. This company partners with small-scale family businesses that create the cutest baby clothes in limited runs and batches. Fresh and fun and with an emphasis on supporting communities and providing the best quality of soft baby clothes, Kate Quinn is a win.

Aster & Oak

From the corners of Western Australia, Aster & Oak make gorgeously soft and sublime clothing for the little creatures in your life. Their organic bamboo range is not only lovely to look at with its fun and whimsical designs but they are also non-toxic and even use natural dye to create their cute color schemes. All clothes are made in a certified factory in India and the process is carefully considered every step of the way.


For the super cool and modern baby, Milkbarn will be the only thing they want to wear. Their bamboo is light as a feather and wonderfully butter soft thanks to their bamboo rayon that breathes easily against the skin. Milkbarn also takes its commitment to children’s health and safety seriously and even partner with Exile International to help women and children affected by issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo to heal their body, mind, and soul. Every purchase directly supports and helps this cause. 


Freebirdees make super cute clothes that have watercolor-inspired shades and prints and a sense of picture-book whimsy. They also deal in a lot of gender-neutral prints making them the perfect choice for all kinds of families. One of the best things about this beautiful bamboo clothing brand is its high level of customer care and the personal touch they bring to every business encounter. They deal in all kinds of baby booty from blankets to rompers and pajamas. 

Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut packs quite a punch when it comes to print and style. Bright in color and with a ton of new prints released on the reg, there’s plenty to pick from. You can find Posh Peanut online or in a range of small-scale shops and even at Saks and Nordstrom. You can expect blankets, footies, and even matching mom threads for those who want to take the cuteness level up a notch. 


Bold and busy designs make Musethreads a super cute and fun brand for all your baby wear needs. With prints designed by artists around the world, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your baby’s wardrobe. Footies and rompers and blankets all come made from the coziest, softest, and best quality bamboo. With true-to-size clothing and international shipping, its easy to fall for Musethreads. 

Little Bum Bums

Super soft and super gentle, Little Bum Bums is all comfy butter-like fabrics and charming prints. You can have a whole host of fun shopping for this brand and their excellent customer service also adds to the positive experience. Footies, rompers, and generously sized blankets and crib sheets for babies, toddlers, and mamas too mean that you can clean up when it comes to bamboo wear for everyone. Little Bum Bums also has a rewards program in place tempting return customers with freebies and special deals. 

Little Sleepies

As one of the most popular baby bamboo boutiques, Little Sleepies are clearly doing something right. This brand has made it big thanks to its excellent quality, its wide range, and the fact that its designs for jammies and sleepbags and the like are all created by artists making each run a one-of-a-kind. They are popular which means shoppers need to be on the ball whenever they release a new line. Sizing can run a little large so that’s always worth considering before you make your onesie purchases, although it’s easy to return and replace what doesn’t quite work. 

Kickee Pants

One of the OG bamboo retailers to kickstart the trend in the USA, Kickee Pants surpasses the baby wear trend and offers the best bamboo products for everyone in their extensive range. They also go beyond the usual romper and footie threads and offer regular wear that rises from baby to toddler and child and all the way up to adult sizes. Being a bigger brand also means that you can expect both quality of product and quality of service along with international shipping and true-to-size fits. 

Angel Dear

In angelic fashion, Angel Dear delivers come super cute vibes and all their baby and nursery gear comes in high-quality bamboo and muslin. Fun prints and close to no piling make this brand mama and baby friendly in terms of comfort and care. They deal in delights such as footies, rompers, and blankets and offer international shipping to make shopping a breeze. 

Honorable mentions


A fully independent marketplace with plenty of small-scale sellers offering baby bamboo delights grants Etsy an honorable mention on this list. As an e-commerce site, you can find a whole range of delights and even enjoy focused searches to ensure your bamboo baby wear ticks all the boxes. As its indie-focused, you also have the benefit of supporting small business owners in a trusted and hassle-free online environment. With a wide range of cozy, chic, and totally cute outfits, Etsy is easy.

Made Trade

With a ton of cute outfits made from organic bamboo lyocell, Made Trade also earns honorable points as being a great place to get your bamboo baby garb. You can find everything from the basics to sleepwear, swimwear, loungewear, bodysuits, and more. Not only does Made Trade offer organically US-made goodies but they are also committed to ethical standards and making a positive impact on the planet by fully supporting artisans in a fair fashion. 

Why Wear Bamboo Baby Clothes?

Bamboo baby clothes are incredible and can truly boost the comfort levels of your baby. Bamboo clothing has enjoyed a boost of late and that’s because everyone loves it for the touch of silk and the sustainability of eco-friendly fabric. Bamboo requires no toxic chemicals and is actually a great option for the planet. Not only does bamboo mean no fertilizers and pesticides but it also grows at a much quicker rate than cotton and can even feed nutrients back into the soil in which it is grown in. It uses less water and can absorb carbon dioxide too. For those who care about their baby’s health and who want to provide a safer planet for them in the future, bamboo baby clothes are a celebrated start. 

5 Benefits of Bamboo Baby Clothes

Along with environmental benefits, there are also comfort and cleanliness benefits that come with choosing bamboo clothing for your baby. We take a look at some of the top reasons to shop for this miracle fabric. 

1. They’re Incredibly Soft

One of the main reasons you may want to choose bamboo baby clothing is because it is incredibly soft. Like butter against the skin, your baby can roll and kick to their heart’s delight and won’t ever feel a touch of discomfort in the fabric they wear. The softness is also super snuggly which is exactly the kind of calm energy and comfort you want for your little one. 

2. They’re Breathable

Bamboo clothing is also extremely breathable which is really important for babies as they can’t tell you when they are too hot or too cold. Instead, the fabric does the talking and will naturally adjust and thermoregulate according to temperature. The porous fibers of bamboo are also great at keeping your baby from getting too hot and sticky at night or during play. By wicking the moisture away, your babi’s skin will stay cool and dry and less susceptible to nasty rashes and discomfort. 

3. They Reduce Allergies

Bamboo baby clothes are amazing for helping soothe sensitive skin. All babies have a degree of sensitivity when it comes to their skin and bamboo can be the perfect material for ensuring your young ones don’t succumb to rashes and chaffing or eczema. Eczema is actually quite common in babies and young children and irritation can make for grumpy babies and tired parents. By having a super soft, breathable, and naturally antimicrobial fabric like bamboo, you can keep your baby’s skin safe and loved. 

4. They’re Anti-Bacterial

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and has even been tested to kill over 99% of bacteria which is exactly what you want from your baby’s clothing. When tested against linen and cotton and even silk it seems that bamboo actually boasts the most antibacterial properties. These anti-bacterial properties help keep your baby dry and fresh as they also prevent odors and skin fungus too. 

5. They’re Stretchy

Babies aren’t known for staying still and this is why they need a good fabric that will move and stretch as they crawl, tumble, and play. Bamboo is known for being super stretchy and not constrictive which means that it gives your child the freedom they need to move around and explore the world. This flexible material is also great for cutting out the possibility of chafing as it is less likely to rub. 


Is Bamboo Fabric good for babies?

Yes, bamboo fabric is an excellent choice for babies. Not only is bamboo fabric super stretchy and comfortable but it also has antibacterial properties and can help reduce allergies. Bamboo is less likely to rub and is also moisture wicking which will add to your babi’s comfort levels too. 

Which is the best baby clothes brand?

There are lots of great baby clothes brands out there but these are a few of our favorites below. 

Do bamboo baby clothes shrink?

Bamboo tends to be resistant to shrinking which means your baby's bamboo clothes shouldn’t shrink. You should be able to safely wash and dry your bamboo clothes without worry - however, it is always worth checking the label and following specific care instructions when it comes to your clothes. 

Are bamboo sleepers worth it?

Bamboo sleepers are super comfortable for babies which is why the bamboo fabric is becoming so popular. Wearing bamboo sleepers will not only keep your little ones cozy, warm, and dry but the clever thermal regulating properties can stop your child from getting too hot at night. They are also antimicrobial and antibacterial and stretchy which means less chance of chafing and rubbing and fewer skin concerns.





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