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High-Energy Tiger Eye Wrist Mala
Classic Indian Bangles

Classic Indian Bangles 2


more colors!

Shiva Lingam Bracelet
Padma Delight Earrings
Sacred Mantra Earring
Anahata Heart Chakra Earrings

Indian Coin Payal with Ring 7


more colors!

Shakti Bells Anklet
Golden Bells Anklet
Copper Coin Anklet
Hand Carved Buddha Bone Bracelet
Set of both colors

Tibetan Dharma Prayer Wheel Bracelet 12

from $89.00

more colors!

Lotus Dream Earrings
Crown Chakra Om Earrings
Savitri Necklace
Sunburst Om Earring

Indian Nights Bangles 17

from $28.95

more colors!

Jaya Ganesh Copper Bangle
Om Mandala Earrings
Silk Mala Pouch
Delicate Hamsa Blessing Necklace
Tibetan Tri-Metal Power Bangle
Sacred Matrix Earrings
Flower of Life Earrings
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