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What Are Harem Pants? (Why You Need Them)

Cool and collected, harem pants have bought the baggy pants look back in fashion. These wardrobe staple parachute pants may have once been considered part of the backpacker uniform, but thanks to Western Fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and other influencers, modern harem pants are back in fashion. With their low-crotch style, dropped waist, and tapered legs that gather at the ankle, we explore how these pants made it from Asian History and Arabic culture to become such an integral part of boho culture and the modern fashion world. 

Are Harem Pants Business Casual?

The Business Casual Dress Code Explained

The business casual dress code is all about sporting relaxed and informal fashion choices in an upmarket way that makes it suitable to wear for formal occasions and in the office. This look invites a touch more flexibility and comfort than suits and heels can offer but still manages to look smart and professional.  

Evaluating the Suitability of Harem Pants for Business Casual Attire

Black harem pants for women could definitely be worked into a business casual look - depending on the office culture and rules, of course. While some offices may find the low crotch and relaxed fit of these airy trousers a little too loose, other companies will be just fine with this style of ankle-length trousers. There are many benefits to wearing modern harem pants to the office, including the level of comfort, the soft touch style, and the fact that the more ease you feel - the better you can work.  

Tips for Incorporating Harem Pants into a Business Casual Outfit

If you want to wear harem pants as a business casual outfit, you should be sure to pick a high-quality pair made from a soft fabric but durable material and preferably in a smart neutral color. A tailored pair crafted from silk, satin materials, good quality cotton, or even a cotton mix fabric paired with a fitted top or tucked-in blouse can be a good way of elevating a casual look. Also, look for block colors rather than loud prints and pair them with low heels for an even classier look.

Harem Pants: A Fashion Trend That's Here to Stay

The Resurgence of Harem Pants in Contemporary Fashion

A staple in Western fashion, harem pants have made a resurgence over the past few years as the fashion industry evolves and grows to incorporate comfort, gender-neutral designs, and global influences woven together into the modern wardrobe. Loose silhouettes, a wide variety of styles, and a comfortable option that can be dressed up or down make them a fine fit for the modern world. 

Celebrity Influence on the Popularity of Harem Pants

Rhianna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce have all been tapped wearing harem pants with the baggy harem trouser style, even making an appearance on the red carpet. They have also been featured in dance and music across the years, from belly dancers to hip-hop styles and street style trends. 

The Role of Comfort and Individuality in Sustaining the Trend

The main two reasons why harem pants show no sign of going anywhere is because of their high comfort and distinct expression of individuality. There are many different styles and designs of harem pants, and you can choose elephant pants with a hippy feel or bold, Asian, or African-inspired prints. You can also choose block classy color pants inspired by the design but with a more tailored approach. Comfort also plays a major role in this fashion choice, so pick a core material or airy material that feels comfortable to the touch and encapsulates that loose and relaxed fit that makes harem pants so famous. 

What Do Harem Pants Look Like?

Examining the Distinctive Silhouette of Harem Pants

Harem pants have a certain look, and even though there have been advancements in history when it comes to their style, they still maintain that distinctive silhouette. These iconic trousers boast a low crotch that hangs below the thighs - giving the upper half of the pants a billowy or blowsy pants look. An elasticated waistline and tapered legs that are also elasticated at the ankles cinch in the top and the bottom, letting the loose fabric flow but maintaining that delicate balance of tapered edges. 

Notable Design Elements and Characteristics of Harem Pants

The most notable design of the harem pant has to be its dropped or low crotch. This creates an airy feel around the body and offers ease of movement and a comfortable non-clingy fit. The tapered ankles keep the look tight and tailored and also have the added benefit of not dragging extra material on the floor. 

Styling Ideas for Harem Pants

There are many ways to style harem pants, and it all depends on which final flourish you are hoping to bring.

Boho chic can blend harem pants in a bright style or tie-dye harem pants with an eastern style top or billowy shirt, a colorful tank, and flats or flip flops for a casual hot weather look.

Casual chic can match black harem pants or pants in a block color with a fitted top and a tailored blazer or cardigan and low-heeled shoes. 

Elegant chic - pick silky or satin material harem pants and piece together your look with a silk cami or fitted blouse. Wear kitten heels and statement jewelry, and carry a clutch for a fully formal finish. 

The Popularity of Harem Pants: A Historical Perspective

Tracing the Origins of Harem Pants

But where did this style of pants start? Harem pants are thought to have kickstarted their life on the silk road. Potentially starting in Persia, these low-crotch pants (called a Sirwal then) would be worn by traders and travelers, and this is how the iconic trousers would have made their way across the world - from the Sahara to the Middle East and other parts of North Africa. A similar design of pants has also been found to be born in South East Asia.

Harem Pants in Various Cultures and Historical Periods

In the 19th century, these balloon pants became part of the uniform design for the French army. This is how harem pants made it into Western culture. After this, they were adopted and adapted by the suffragette movement (in particular, Amelia Bloomer) in an attempt to move modern feminism beyond the constrictive corset and skirt.

Exploring the Era When Harem Pants Gained Popularity

The pants showed no sign of slowing down in 20th-century fashion and were also celebrated in the free-flow vibes of the hippy era before entering today's time period of the 21st century. Not only are they synonymous with tropical travel and the new age movement, but they are part of our celebrity culture, with the likes of Rhianna embracing them. Now harem pants are not only completely comfortable, but they are also completely versatile, and there's a form of these baggy trousers out there to suit every occasion - from festivals to travel fun and even worn for more formal occasions, like the office or some kind of event, harem pants are here to stay.


Harem pants are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can buy. These loose fitting one of a kind trousers are not only tantalizing to wear, but their relaxed fit, range of styles, and complete versatility make them a must for any body size. These low-crotch comfortable garments show no sign of slowing down in any time period and should be a must for any wardrobe. 


Are harem pants Arab?

Arabic harem pants have been around for centuries, and these low-crotch pants were believed to have originated in the Middle East, with their roots traced back to India, Iran, Nepal, and Pakistan. These pants made their way into Northern Africa and then also into the West. 

Why is it called harem?

The word harem comes from the Arabic word Harem which relates to concubines and wives. There are paintings from the 19th century that would showcase women in these harems wearing these wide billowy trousers for modesty. 

Does the word harem come from haram?

The word harem can refer to a women's section where men are not allowed to enter. The word haram can mean something that is forbidden. 

Is harem and Haram same?

No, a harem is considered to be a woman's part of the house, which men are not allowed to enter. The word haram means something that is forbidden. While there is crossover in meaning, they are different words.



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