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Mastering Elegance: How to Wear a Shawl Elegantly at Any Event


Shawls are one of the most timeless and versatile pieces for your wardrobe. A cozy shawl can be slung over your jeans and shirt for added warmth in the winter, you can wrap a cotton shawl around your bare summer shoulders, or you can elevate your evening dress with a shawl wrap when you don't want to compromise with a bulky cardigan. Shawls are a style statement. 

Styling your shawl for those formal occasions is easy when you have the right piece. Whether heading to a wedding, a special date night dinner, or some other formal celebration where you need to be well put-together, we take a look at how to wear a shawl at any glam event.


The Basics of Choosing the Right Shawl

Material Matters: One of the most important aspects of picking your shawl for a formal event is working with the right materials. Formal-suited shawls are always best when they use luxurious materials - think swish silk shawls, quality pashmina wool shawls, velvet shawls, chiffon poncho shawls, and lace shawls. Which material you choose will depend on the event and the season. Colder nights may call for a fur shawl or thicker wool shawl, whereas in summer, you can go for a lighter layer of warmth.

Color Coordination: From bright patterned bohemian shawls to shawls that bring a pop of color, shade also matters when tailoring your finished outfit. You can seek shawls that complement your outfit color or bring an elegant contrast. A simple black dress can work well with a brighter shawl used as a statement piece, or if you are wearing a cream dress, a cream shawl outfit will pull the whole look together and create a cohesive look.

Size and Shape: Shawls also come in different sizes and shapes, and if you want to streamline your look, you need to choose the appropriate kind. For example, a bulky shawl with a frothy and full dress may add too much volume. A rectangular shawl can be one of the most versatile shapes of shawl as they can be wrapped and draped with ease. Square shawls can be styled with the Parisian knot, which doesn't add warmth but style and elegance. Oversized blanket shawls can be a statement look and can even be cinched or belted if you want to keep a defined silhouette.

Elegant Ways to Wear a Shawl

Classic Drape

1. Hold the shawl behind you, with both ends draping evenly over each shoulder.

2. Adjust the shawl so it hangs evenly on both sides and covers your arms and upper body.

3. Allow the ends of the shawl to hang freely or lightly drape them over your arms for added elegance.

One-Shoulder Toss

1. Hold the shawl behind you, with both ends in your hands.

2. Bring one end of the shawl across your body and toss it over one shoulder, allowing it to drape elegantly.

3. Adjust the shawl to ensure it hangs smoothly over your shoulder and across your back, creating a chic, asymmetrical look.

Belted Style

1. Hold the shawl behind you, with both ends in your hands.

2. Wrap the shawl around your back and bring both ends to the front.

3. Secure the shawl at your waist with a stylish belt, cinching it in to create a defined silhouette.

Brooch Pinning

1. Drape the shawl over your shoulders in a classic drape or one-shoulder toss.

2. Choose a decorative shawl pin or brooch that complements your outfit.

3.  Pin the brooch near your collarbone or at the center of the shawl to secure it in place.

Accessorizing with a Shawl

Choosing the Right Brooch: When accessorizing, you want to choose something that lends delight and dimensions to your dressy shawl. You can find cohesion and motifs when picking a brooch or decorative pin. For example, if you are wearing a flowy dress with a floral motif, you can choose a brooch that also has delicate floral motifs. A statement shawl may be best with a simple brooch and vice versa to achieve balance. 

Incorporating Jewelry: Talking about balancing shawls with a stylish accessory, jewelry can always play a signature role when it comes to formal dress. Make sure that you don't over-accessorize when it comes to jewelry; instead, find balance. Again, a simple dress or neutral dress shawl can afford a focus point piece of jewelry. Also, consider the neckline of your shawl; if your shawl has a high busy neckline, you may want to opt for bracelets and rings instead of necklaces. 

Footwear and Bag Pairing: Formal dress events mean opting for elegant footwear and a light clutch bag for best results. Again, the finished ensemble depends on season and personal style. Summer formal events can call for a light chiffon or silk wrap shawl and heels. Winter may require elegant cashmere blanket scarves or a designer shawl and heeled butter-soft leather boots. 

Shawl Styling Tips for Specific Occasions

Weddings: Weddings are always a fun place for getting dressed up and sporting your favorite shawl. When choosing a wedding shawl as a guest or bridesmaid, be sure to consider the theme in place and pick colored shawls that suit the theme. You may want to opt for lighter materials for a wedding - silk, lace, and, if cold - a thin cashmere. Neutral tones may work best so as not to overwhelm and to keep your dress the centerpiece.

Formal Dinners: A formal dinner can call for a shawl that pairs well with black cocktail dresses or a simple A-line dress for a timeless look. You can play with an elegant bohemian fashion shawl for a formal dinner, especially with a simple dress, as long as you go for a high-quality piece and opt for a classic drape. A silk shawl or scarf tied in the classic knot fashion would also work well here, especially if you have a boat neck dress or sleeveless dress. 

Outdoor Events: When outside for a formal event, you want to go for a seasonally appropriate shawl. A flowy summer dress, heels, and a light shawl in an expensive fabric are perfect for summer soirees. Cooler weather events may call for a more practical choice, like a thicker shawl or a shawl in a material that brings a feeling of warmth - fine yak wool or cashmere is an elegant choice, or you can go for oversized pashmina scarves and shawls and belt it in at the waist to keep your silhouette. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Over-Accessorizing: Shawls have a statement vibe in themselves, so be wary of accessorizing and distracting from the elegance of your shawl. One of the golden rules of formal fashion is to find balance and not have too many elements competing for attention. One statement piece of jewelry is often enough, and if you have a busy statement shawl, keep everything else simple and minimal. 

Wrong Fabric Choice: The right fabric will go a long way when it comes to how well you carry your shawl. Avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily, and always make seasonal style choices. Clean elegance is always a winner, so look for simple yet luxurious shawls in cashmere silk or even cotton and linen when the weather is warmer. Beware of bulky fabrics or excess fabric that can steal your shape.

Improper Shawl Care: Keep your shawl looking chic by always reading the care instructions. Different fabrics have different cleaning and care needs. Don't wash your shawl too often, as this can reduce its longevity and lead to wear and tear. Store your shawl in a breathable garment bag and avoid stashing heavy items on top of your shawl, as this may impact its shape. Take it out regularly to let it air out.


Shawls should be one of your favorite accessories when it comes to formal attire. Not only do they bring extra warmth, but they also add extra elegance when you pick the perfect shawl. An evening shawl in a gorgeous fabric can be turned to time and time again. Don't be shy when it comes to your perfect shawl look, and feel free to experiment with different styles and accessories until you find the final finish of your dreams. Explore our shawls, tunics, and bamboo clothing.


How do you wear an elegant shawl?

If you want to wear an elegant shawl for a formal event, you can wear it in the classic drape style or opt for the one-shoulder toss to add a little volume. You can also pin your shawl at the front with a statement brooch. 

How do you wear a shawl elegantly for a wedding?

First, make sure you have a shawl that is luxurious and looks well-suited to your dress. Silk shawls, lace shawls, chiffon, or cashmere shawls are all good options for weddings, depending on the season. The classic drape or wearing your shawl like a wrap is one of the best wedding styles. 

How do you wear a fancy shawl?

If you want to wear a fancy statement shawl, remember balance is everything. A fancy shawl with a strong decorative pattern may be best paired with a simple, beautiful dress or a classy dress in neutral tones so you don't take away from the shawl itself.

How do you keep a shawl on your shoulders?

One of the best ways to keep a shawl on your shoulders is to tie it in place. However, you can also use safety pins or a brooch to keep it in place and add a little more elegance to your outfit. 



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