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Do Copper Magnetic Bracelets Work for Health? The Truth


Copper magnetic bracelets have had a boost in popularity as many are turning to the burnished red gold metal to help them with arthritis and pain relief. Copper healing can be traced through time and is considered an alternative and complementary therapy in our modern world. The use of copper and magnets has been turned to many times throughout the centuries. But is there any truth to the healing coppers of copper magnetic bracelets for health, or are they simply placebo bracelets? We take a closer look at the theory and the facts. 

The Appeal of Copper and Magnetic Bracelets

Historical Use and Cultural Significance: Copper was often revered for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties - in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Egypt, copper salts would be applied as a salve to help wounds heal, surgical tools would be crafted from copper, and copper vessels would store water. It was also believed that copper could help with pain and inflammation. Magnets were also used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture to help clear meridians and create a clean flow of energy, thus reducing pain and health problems.

Modern Marketing and Claims: Copper magnetic bracelets in modern marketing purport to help with arthritis, joint pain, and chronic pain. They are believed to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and other therapeutic effects on the body. Spiritually, copper bracelets with magnets are also believed to align the chakras, boost energy, and deepen wisdom and vitality.

Scientific Examination of Copper Bracelets

Copper's Role in the Body: Copper is an essential trace mineral that the body needs in order to be in the full flush of health. Copper is important for red blood cell formation, immune function, and connective tissue formation, and it brings antioxidant benefits to the body. The belief is that wearing copper wristbands or jewelry lets particles of copper enter the skin and the bloodstream, therefore upping the copper levels in your body and assisting all of the above. This helps with symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain, as improved circulation, better nerve function, and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the impact of pain on the body.

Research Findings: Several studies and trials have been conducted to determine whether copper magnetic wrist straps or magnet therapy is an effective treatment for people with rheumatoid arthritis. While more insight into bracelets for arthritis still needs to be developed, there has yet to be any conclusive evidence regarding their impact. 

A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study (2004): This study published in The Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medicine explored the effects of wearing copper bracelets on arthritis sufferers. There was no significant reduction in pain and discomfort from those wearing the copper bracelets to those wearing the placebo bracelets. 

A Review of Studies (2019): A review published in the journal Current Rheumatology Reports analyzed copper bracelets for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The review concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support the efficacy of copper bracelets in reducing pain or improving physical function in people with arthritis.

However, there was an interesting study on the dermal assimilation of copper bracelets for those with arthritis pain. The copper bracelet was weighed before and after a patient wore it for 50 days, and the bracelet lost 90mg in that time, with the conclusion that the skin must have absorbed the copper. Combined with how we know copper in the body may help reduce inflammation, this could point towards a correlation. 

Investigating Magnetic Bracelets

Theory Behind Magnetic Therapy: There is also a belief that magnetic arthritis bracelets can serve as a complementary therapy or be one of the alternative treatments to reduce arthritis pain and inflammation in the wearer. The hypothesis is that the bracelet's magnetic energy will work with the body's magnetic field, which can dilate blood vessels (increasing blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to the affected area). The magnetic fields can also help with pain modulation and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Clinical Evidence: Clinical studies have been conducted, but there is no concrete evidence that magnetic wristbands or magnetic therapy bracelets directly reduce arthritic pain. That's not to say that there have been zero findings, only limited findings, and it's also worth remembering that anecdotal evidence is rarely taken into account. 

A Cochrane Review (2013): This review assessed the evidence from RCTs investigating the efficacy of magnetic therapy for treating pain. The review included studies on various types of magnetic devices, including bracelets. The authors found limited evidence to support the use of magnetic therapy for pain relief, citing methodological limitations and inconsistencies across studies. 

Placebo Effect and User Testimonials

Understanding the Placebo Effect: In the absence of hard scientific evidence, the placebo effect can play a big role. The placebo effect is a phenomenon where a patient perceives an improvement in their condition after a treatment without clinical proof of effectiveness. The theory goes that by believing wearing copper jewelry or magnetic wristbands can help with joint inflammation and the relief of pain; the wearer will actually experience these effects. 

Anecdotal Evidence: Personal testimonies also play a part in whether copper magnetic bracelets work. However, these cannot be used in evidence for copper bracelets as a natural therapy and aren't counted as a statistical difference. This is because anecdotal evidence may be impacted by the placebo effect, natural fluctuations in how the body experiences pain over time, and confirmation bias. However, you may not want to dismiss anecdotal evidence when deciding whether to try magnetic wrist strips or copper bracelets, as they may bring potential benefits to you and are mostly known to be harmless. 

Safety and Considerations

Potential Risks and Side Effects: Before deciding whether you want to try a copper magnetic bracelet, there are some health considerations to take into account. First, be aware that copper magnetic objects may interfere with medical devices like pacemakers, so always check with your medical practitioner before taking this route. Some people may also suffer skin irritation when wearing a copper bracelet if they are allergic to copper. However, the negative side effects of wearing copper are low, and most people can wear these bracelets without risk. Always be sure to clean your copper to keep it working at the best of its ability.

Guidance for Consumers: For those considering copper or magnetic bracelets, we always encourage you to consult your personal healthcare provider first. It's also worth noting that these bracelets can be used as complementary remedies for arthritis rather than the sole treatment. Those who suffer the symptoms of arthritis should always prioritize evidence-based treatments. 


While the evidence is far from conclusive when it comes to whether copper and magnet straps for rheumatoid arthritis actually work, most people can try this path without it being detrimental to their health. Of course, you should always do your research, talk to your healthcare specialist, and consider a wide range of scientific evidence when it comes to your own personal health needs. While anecdotal evidence and the power of the placebo effect may point toward the purported benefits of these bracelets, the science is still out. Explore our copper collection, bamboo clothes, and healing bracelets for women.


What does a copper and magnet bracelet do?

The belief is that wearing a copper magnetic bracelet can bring relief from arthritis symptoms. This is because copper is an essential mineral for our body. Wearing the bracelet can allow the body to absorb the copper it needs to help fight inflammation and encourage circulation. Magnets are also believed to impact the body's magnetic fields, leading to increased blood flow and other benefits. 

Do magnetic bracelets actually work?

There is no concrete scientific evidence on whether magnetic bracelets actually work. Most of the purported benefits come from anecdotal evidence. There may also be a positive impact of the placebo effect, but studies have either been inconclusive or limited in their findings. 

What are the side effects of the copper magnetic bracelet?

Wearing a copper magnetic bracelet is mainly considered to be a very safe and harmless practice. However, those with pacemakers may need medical advice as these bracelets may interfere. If you have a skin allergy to copper, you may also experience a rash, itching, or other skin sensitivity. 

What are the benefits of copper magnets?

According to popular belief, copper magnets may help with relief from arthritis symptoms. Copper and magnets are both believed to have natural anti-inflammatory properties. They can help encourage healthy blood circulation - both of which can positively impact inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. 



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