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Discovering Comfort: The Best Loungewear Brands of the Year

Luscious loungewear is one of the best things to happen to modern-day fashion. Gone are the days of squeezing into tight fabrics; instead, this year is still all about staying chill. Loungewear is one of the best fashion trends for keeping comfy without compromising on style. We take a look at the best loungewear brands of the year that are committed to keeping you cozy.

The Rise of Loungewear

Loungewear in Fashion

Loungewear was once something slouchy you would slob around at home in, but now the trend has transformed and takes a more inclusive approach to comfortable clothing. From sustainable fabrics to loose and easy fits, high-quality cuts, and more - loungewear takes many angles in the modern world. Forget baggy sweatpants and stained tees and start thinking of cashmere sweaters, yak wool, organic cotton, silky essentials, and beautiful bamboo loungewear pieces that take you to the next level. 

Pandemic Influence

Since the pandemic, everyone has been more than ready to adopt comfy clothes that can be worn at home but also can carry you through the day with a touch of laid-back glam. Staying at home all day (including with work and play) gave rise to everyday wear, embracing more relaxed silhouettes and turning towards the comfiest and coziest fabrics you can find.

Top Loungewear Brands

Sivana Spirit

Brimming with boho style, Sivana Spirit truly captures the energy of unique and cozy clothing inspired by casual and carefree energy. This sustainable loungewear brand uses top-quality fabrics, including eco-friendly materials like bamboo, and you can choose from everyday basics to eclectic one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Girlfriend Collective

Sustainability and inclusivity are at the forefront of Girlfriend Collective. For those seeking casual wear in every shade or sustainable athletic wear, you are in the right place. Innovation matters here, as even the polyester is made from recycled plastic. 


Super soft and with a sophisticated edge, Lunya uses high-quality, luxurious materials that matter. From washable silk stylish clothing to Fairtrade cotton pajamas to keep you cool at night, this is a brand that keeps comfort in mind; choose gorgeous materials and make your favorite pieces for your wardrobe.  


Aerie takes an awesome approach to affordable and cozy loungewear. Soft cotton blends and many different styles make this a go-to stop for the comfiest clothes. You can choose from wide pants, leggings, sports bras, and intimates.

The Great

Vintage-inspired designs and a unique approach to loungewear that goes beyond the ordinary. The Great is known for playful interpretations of classic designs into modern aesthetics. Think cozy college sweatshirts, loose dresses, comfy tees, and great fabrics. 


Skims is another amazing loungewear brand that brings together modern designs and inclusive sizing. Quality materials with a butter-soft feel, shape-shifting bodysuits, and stretchy durable pieces that mold to your body and help keep your own classic silhouette looking stunning.


Bandier is big on activewear but also makes plenty of space for laid-back loungewear too. You can find everything from casual joggers to luxury knitwear pieces, and intentionally designed styles that easily go from day to night. Super soft fabrics are the icing on the cake.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing had one goal in mind - bringing contemporary designs to loungewear, and they have achieved it beautifully. Lots of classic clothing types can be found in their range, from casual fitted tees to parachute pants and cozy cardigans. If you want a wardrobe loaded with favourite pieces, this is it. 

What to Look for in Quality Loungewear

Material and Comfort

Those looking for the comfiest clothes should first look to high-quality materials. Synthetic materials can make you sweat or cling. You really want to find breathable materials that feel soft to the touch. Think bamboo clothing, cotton, silk, and cashmere goodness.   

Style and Versatility

Style also matters when it comes to picking loungewear that you want to use for more than just lying around. If your loungewear is stylish and versatile, you will want to wear it for all kinds of occasions. Consider your own sense of style, choose colors that you carry well, opt for fits that suit your silhouette, and you can never go wrong with gorgeous fabrics. You can also think outside the box - look to tunics, harem pants, and beautiful boho styles.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Feeling cozy can be more than physicality; it can also be about your mindset. If you choose eco-friendly fabrics and brands that take sustainability seriously, you can truly relax in your fashion, knowing that your choices aren't harming our beautiful world. Do your due diligence in buying from eco-friendly brands that have solid ethical practices, too. 

Loungewear for Different Occasions

Casual Home Wear

Casual home wear is one of the best ways to choose loungewear, as it lets you get super cozy, whether you are chilling on the sofa, cooking up a storm, sleeping, or even looking or yoga wear. Look for pieces in materials and durable fabrics you love. If you are looking for loungewear to sleep in, be sure to choose breathable materials that will help prevent sweating. When it comes to your home pieces, you can choose color palettes that bring you joy. Yoga clothes should be comfy and give you plenty of room to stretch.

Stylish Out-and-About Options

Taking your loungewear outdoors? Look for loungewear that comes with practical features like pockets and extra warmth - especially for the colder months. Outdoor loungewear can be layered up, and with a few fashionable touches, you can certainly look chic. Some tips for styling loungewear out and about include coordinating colors, wearing cool sneakers, and adding a good trench coat if chilly.

Loungewear for Work-from-Home

Working from home and need to balance being comfy but also feeling like you aren't in your pajamas? Loungewear can be a perfect choice. Look for loungewear with a little stretch, and be sure to choose comfortable and sustainable fabrics. Look for matching sets and neutral colors if you want to stay classy and cozy at the same time.


Loungewear is one of the best fashion choices you can make for your body and your mind. Clothing has a big impact on how we get through the day and the energy we carry with us. If you are wearing great loungewear sets, you may find yourself more relaxed, in a gentler state of mind, and more willing to listen to your body. Be sure to choose loungewear that loads up on high-quality material, opt for fabulous eco-friendly fabrics, and silhouettes that suit your indie style. 


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