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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Copper Bracelets for Health in 2024

Historically, the gleaming glow of copper bracelets has been used to promote health and wellness for centuries. Ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all believed in the benefits of copper, as this magic metal was known for helping purify and heal. From ancient medicine to modern treatments, copper is still revered as a part of alternative and complementary therapies and effective treatment for arthritis symptoms, joint pain, and other ailments, even to this day. With its potential anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, wearing copper bracelets may help boost your quality of life and positively affect your body, mind, and soul. We look at some of the best copper bracelets for health and wellness in 2024. 

Understanding Copper's Health Benefits

Historical Context: From Hippocrates using copper to sterilize wounds to the Ancient Egyptians relying on brown gold metal to purify their waters, copper has played an integral role in history. Copper is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, which means it can help speed healing and has strong sterilizing properties. It was used across ancient civilizations to treat wounds, joint ailments, skin conditions and even to improve digestion.

Scientific Perspective: From a scientific perspective, copper has been labeled an essential trace mineral for the body. The right amount of copper in your body can bring those natural anti-inflammatory properties and help with mineral absorption. It also helps with connective tissue formation and improves immune responses.

Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic therapy is another complementary benefit of wearing copper bracelets with a magnetic wrist strap or with quality magnets in the bracelet design. It's believed that magnets for arthritis can help alleviate chronic pain symptoms as the magnetic fields influence the flow of energy in your body and help your muscles relax and boost the body's natural healing process. 

Top Copper Bracelets for Health

Sivana Spirit

Crafted from pure copper, the Sivana Spirit copper collection celebrates spiritual beauty and potential health and body benefits. The Copper Cuff bracelet is one fine example of this - handmade by artisans in Mexico, the intricate design of braided copper and the chunky design brim with aesthetic appeal. The benefits of copper are etched across this elegant copper bracelet's energy as it is believed to boost vitality and align the chakras, among other feel-good therapeutic benefits.  

Ultra Strength Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pure Copper President Chain

Filled with magnets, this ultra-strength copper link bracelet boasts 40 powerful rare earth neodymium magnets, each creating a magnetic field with a strength of 3,500 gauss, which is believed to be highly beneficial for the body when it comes to swollen joints and arthritis pains. Adjustable sizing and the many positive reviews from customers regarding the therapeutic effects make this a solid choice.  

Leo Copper Bracelet

Unique design meets magnetic strength and sheer comfort in this Leo Copper Bracelet. Forty magnets, each with 3,500 gauss, are believed to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis by reducing inflammation and improving circulation. Adjustable sizing adds to the comfort, and the fact that it's made from 99% pure copper has the potential to elevate this bracelet's healing power.

Magnetic Therapy Copper Cuff Bracelet

The slim magnetic bracelet design and the fact that the magnets are hidden yet powerful make this magnetic therapy copper cuff bracelet a popular choice, especially for women. Ten magnets, each with 3,500 gausses and 99% copper metal, boost potential healing powers, whereas the understated and timeless design makes this a fashionable and versatile bracelet for arthritis. 

Women’s Ultra Strength Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet (XO)

The elegant XO design, a combination of 26 ultra-strength magnets and pure copper, makes this therapy bracelet one of the best choices for women looking for complementary alternative remedies for arthritis and joint pain. Easy to adjust and with welcoming, comfortable wear, the many customer testimonials on effectiveness also add to the benefits of this copper healing bracelet for women

Choosing the Right Copper Bracelet

Factors to Consider: When choosing the right copper bracelet, you want a blend of quality, strength, design, and comfort. Be sure to check the Gauss strength of the magnets. You don't want weak magnets in your bracelet that will have little impact on pain relief. The higher the gauss, the better the chance of potential blood circulation and physical function improvements. High-quality copper is also essential, so seek copper jewelry made of the purest copper for higher benefits. 

Men vs. Women: Men's and women's designs may differ in terms of the width and weight of the bracelet. Some people prefer a more delicate look to their copper jewelry, and others may feel drawn to a thicker and heavier design. Those with a heavier or larger body mass may also need to compensate by choosing a copper magnetic bracelet with a higher gauss and more powerful magnets. 

Authenticity and Quality: Always make sure your copper jewelry is made from authentic copper. True copper will have a particular red or brown coloring and should have some markings or certifications indicating that it is genuine copper. Pay attention to the craftsmanship of the bracelet, too, and look for a fine finish and soldering with smooth edges.

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Copper Bracelet

Wearing Schedule: if you want to maximize the potential benefits of wearing your copper bracelet, you want to wear it every day. There's no limit on how much time you can spend wearing your copper bracelet, but you should aim to wear bracelets for arthritis for at least several hours a day to 

Care and Maintenance: Copper can be a beautiful, shiny metal, but you need to keep it buffed and bright for those aesthetic benefits. Regular copper cleaning can help remove any tarnishing. Make sure that you remove your copper bracelet when swimming or showering, as copper can oxidize and leave a green patina against the skin. Again, this is normal and harmless and doesn't mean anything is wrong with your copper. 

Complementary Therapies: Combine your copper bracelet with other forms of treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain to further help ease tension and welcome a holistic approach to complete wellness. Low-impact stretching, swimming, and yoga can all be useful for keeping the body flexible and moving - you can also wear bamboo clothing to keep comfortable while doing yoga and stretching. You can also look to natural remedies, herbal remedies, and food supplements like omega-3 fatty acids and turmeric, which are known to help with joint pain. 


Copper bracelets and copper magnetic bracelets can bring many benefits to the wearer. Since the discovery of copper, many have turned to its healing properties to elevate their body, mind, and soul. From ancient civilizations to folk remedies and modern holistic medicine, copper bracelets are believed to boost bodily functions, reduce arthritic pain, improve nerve function, and help with tender joints. Choosing the right copper bracelet and keeping a good wearing schedule is sure to give you the best chance of getting the best from the benefits of copper.

Additional Resources

Check out these additional resources on the healing benefits of copper bracelets, the effects of low-frequency magnetic fields as a stress factor on the body and the mind, and how the placebo effect can boost your health. Feel free to explore the Sivana range of pure copper jewelry.


Do copper bracelets really have health benefits?

There still needs to be deeper research into copper bracelets and their physical health benefits, especially when it comes to rheumatoid arthritis. However, studies show that having trace elements of copper in the body does help with inflammation and pain. There are also proven benefits to health and wellness from the placebo effect. 

What is the most powerful magnetic copper bracelet?

As long as they have powerful magnets and are made from pure copper, each copper bracelet will bring its healing benefits. Copper magnetic bracelets with more than 3,000 Gauss magnets may have higher powers than those with weak magnets. 

How long should you wear copper bracelet?

There is no limit on how long you can wear your copper bracelet. However, wearing your copper bracelet for several hours a day at a minimum can help you get the best out of your bracelet. 

What is the best wrist to wear a copper bracelet on?

Wearing your copper bracelet on your left wrist is said to bring the most benefits physically and spiritually. This is because it is believed that the left side of your body is supposed to be the most receptive side.



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