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The 11 Best Bamboo Clothing Brands of 2023

Introduction to Bamboo Clothing

Soft, swish, and one of the best sustainable materials out there - there are many reasons why bamboo clothing is rocking the fashion market. Bamboo clothing is made from the fibers of the bamboo plant. There are a few different techniques for bamboo textile production - from bamboo viscose to bamboo lyocell. Bamboo viscose is made from the cellulose fibers of bamboo, which are soaked and treated to turn it into a workable material. Bamboo viscose is one of the most popular methods for crafting silky soft bamboo clothing. Bamboo lyocell has a more organic approach to production as it uses fewer solvents. 

Beautiful, breathable, and one of the best options when it comes to sustainable fabrics. There are many great benefits to choosing bamboo clothes. Here are some of the comforts you can expect from everyone's favorite natural materials...

  • Super soft - making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin
  • Breathable - warm in winter and cool in summer, bamboo is an intelligent fabric
  • Antibacterial - your bamboo fabric will stay fresher for longer
  • Moisture wicking - keeps skin bone dry, which is why bamboo pajamas and exercise gear are great
  • Durable - your bamboo products will hold their style and shape and last for longer
  • Easy maintenance - no piling, no wrinkles, no handwashing

Bamboo is stylish, soft, and great for the skin, and it is also an excellent choice for the planet. In a world where we are all trying to be more mindful of our carbon footprint, bamboo wins out. Here are some of the reasons why bamboo is considered to be a great sustainable clothing option...

  • It's one of the fastest-growing resources on the planet
  • It uses a lot less water than cotton 
  • It needs no pesticides or fertilizers to thrive
  • It helps regenerate soil

Top Bamboo clothing brands of 2023

High quality clothes that have a positive impact on the planet - what's not to love about bamboo fabric clothing? As bamboo brands are popping up across the fashion industry in response to the popularity of this eco-friendly fabric, we have scoured the marketplace to bring you the best bamboo clothing company brands of 2023. 

Sivana Spirit

Soft on skin and serious on sustainability, Sivana Spirit set the bar when it comes to beautiful bamboo clothing. This Californian family company offer a range of sustainable products including bamboo dresses, bamboo t-shirts, bamboo crops, pants, skirts, tunics, and leggings all made from the best bamboo viscose. Not only do they create easy, breezy, flowing clothes but tey are also committed to giving back by using 10% of each sale to deliver ration packs to families in India’s hardest-hit areas. 

Cozy Earth

Bamboo loungewear for women sits at the heart of Cozy Earth. From stretchy tees to snuggly bamboo socks, pajamas, daily wear, and more, you won't ever want to take your Cozy Earth gear off. With Oprah backing this brand as a personal favorite and the enhanced spun bamboo weave design ensuring every piece lasts longer, Cozy Earth offer comfy and stylish bamboo clothes that come with a luxurious touch.

BAM Bamboo Clothing

Circular fashion, a positive environmental impact, and creating quality bamboo clothes are the driving factors behind BAM. This UK owned brand offer a wide range of clothing from bamboo t-shirts to hoodies to sweat pants and PJs, not to mention socks and base layers and bamboo underwear. With an emphasis on creating transparency throughout the supply chain, you can be comfortable knowing that BAM has everryones best interests at heart. 

Birdie Bean

Naturally soft, breathable, and antibacterial - bamboo is a great choice for babies and Birdie Bean offers up the cutest range. From bamboo baby pajamas to bamboo sleep sacks and bedding, your little ones will love this line. Birdie Bean also has the sweetest prints and pays close attention to creating bamboo clothing and pajamas for baby that are free from harmful substances. They also work closely with various charitable organizations with an emphasis on helping create a world that is more humane and safer for our children to grow in. 

Blue Bungalow

Stylish bamboo clothes and an emphasis on flattering fashion set Blue Bungalow apart. This Aussie born brand take breezy beach elements and inclusive styles for all body types. With over 3000 styles stocked from over 150 brands, you can bet that Blue Bungalow have something in the house to entice you. 

Lev Baby

An adorable family fun business that makes two-piece sets, rompers, and super soft clothing for babies and toddlers, Lev Baby is one of the best when it comes to bamboo baby clothes. Not only do they take great care to source the softest bamboo but they also hire artisan designers to hand illustrate their range. Beautifully unique clothes, colorful prints, and limited edition prints makes each piece unique. 

Bamboo Body

Another Aussie brand celebrating beautifully soft and breathable bamboo, Bamboo Body create everyday essentials and staple wardrobe pieces that are trans-seasonal - inviting you to stock your cloest with comfy ethically sourced items from their core range. With a commitment to sustainability - even the buttons are made from materials like coconut shell, bamboo, and mother of pearl. The range of relaxed fitted tops, dresses, pants, and pajamas make this Australian bamboo clothing brand one of the best.

Sweet Bamboo

Playful dresses, soft pajamas, and handcrafted bamboo blend fabrics for little ones make Sweet Bamboo one of the cutest choices out there. If you are looking for baby clothes and children's clothes (not to mention women's clothing and bedding), this brand is not only buttery soft but also develops delightful prints each season along with taking their eco and ethical status seriously. 

Bamboo Little

Snuggly and sustainable, Bamboo Little is another firm favorite thanks to its selection of bamboo clothes designed for babies. Bedtime and bathtime can be all soft and warm thanks to this selection of swaddles, sleep sacks, rompers, towl sets and more. Cute jungle prints and neutral colors, not to mention the emphasis on environmentally friendly practices (right down to the packaging), Bamboo Little gives a lot.


Bamboo doesn't just have beneficial properties for the skin but can also be something sweet to slip your feet into. Cariuma are a Brazilian born brand that make sustainable sneakers from bamboo, cork, and more. With a love of raw materials and inspired style, this is footwear that doesn't go out of fashion. Cariuma also have a ton of certifications to back up their philosophy.

Tasc Performance

Tasc Performance are all about balancing performance with pure comfort and pristine sustainability. Born from a love of sport, this bamboo company offer a selection of bamboo blends designed for active folk including sweatshirts, joggers, t-shirts, and even bamboo silk sleepwear. They also have a commitment to try and keep their blend of fabrics free from harmful chemicals and to use 85% eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Tasc also place an emphasis on crafting fair partnerships with their workers.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Bamboo Clothing


One of the reasons bamboo is no loved is because of its comfort levels and its buttery softness against the skin. Make sure that the bamboo you are choosing is of a high quality and remember that different styles of bamboo material may feel different. For example bamboo that has been blended with synethic materials may not be as soft as bamboo viscose clothing or bamboo linen.


Personal style matters when it comes to clothing and fortunately there are endless options when it comes to choosing bamboo clothes. From casual loose fitting styles to formal wear, bohemian bright colors or minimalist style, you can choose an aesthetic that works for you.


One of the reasons to love bamboo is its durability. Of course, the higher the quality of bamboo and the better the production, the longer your bamboo garments will last. Naturally processed bamboo may be stronger than those that have gone through harsher chemical treatments. 


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable textiles out there which is why its so loved. Bamboo uses smaller amounts of water and regrows quickly without the need for replanting among other things. Bamboo lyocel and raw bamboo may be more environmentally friendly than some kinds of bamboo viscose as they use a less intensive chemical process. 


Price is also a factor when it comes to stacking your wardrobe. There are many elements that can affect price including quality, sourcing of materials, production costs, overheads, size of company and more. Whatever budget you are looking for when it comes to your bamboo, always make sure you are working with a sustainable and ethical company. 

Buying Guide for Bamboo Clothing

How to determine the quality of Bamboo Clothing

The production practices, price point, brand, and more will determine the quality of bamboo clothing. Bamboo viscose is one of the most popular methods of making bamboo textile without losing the suppleness of the material, although it can be less sustainable than bamboo lyocell. Fine bamboo is also high quality although coarser and not as soft against the skin.

Tips for choosing the right style and size

Good measuring skills will help you find the right size when it comes to buying beautiful bamboo garments. Always measure your bust and hips from the widest part to make sure that your clothes fit you as desired. 

How to care for Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo isn't a demanding fabric to care for but you may want to keep your clothes soft and strong by washing in cold or warm water using a gentle detergent. You can also opt to naturally dry or dry on a cool setting in your machine.

Where to buy the best Bamboo Clothing

There are lots of places to buy bamboo clothing - both online and in brick and mortar stores. The list above is a great place to get started. Whoever you choose to buy your bamboo clothes from, make sure they are a reputable retailer. 


For those seeking soft, breathable, and sustainable clothing options - you can't get better than bamboo. With a wealth of great brands turning to the benefits of bamboo farbic, this material continues to delight and inspire when it comes to eco-friendly fashion choices. 


Is bamboo clothing good?

Yes, bamboo clothing is one of the best choices you can make for your wardrobe. Extemely comfortable, sustainable, and with a ton of health benefits including being antibacterial and moisture wicking, it's one of the coziest options around. 

What are the disadvantages of bamboo clothing?

One of the disadvantages of bamboo viscose clothing can be that it uses chemical solutions as part of the process to make it usable as a fabric. While this isn't harmful to those who wear it, it can have a knock on effect on the environment although still remains a more sustainable choice than other fabrics. 

Is bamboo a sustainable fashion?

Yes, bamboo is a sustianable fashion choice as it uses less water than cotton, regenerates soil, grows quickly without the need for replanting, and also absorbs a high level of carbon dioxide. 

Does bamboo clothing shrink when washed?

If you wash your bamboo clothing at high temperatures, you do run the risk of shrinking the material. Always follow label instructions and avoid washing and tumble drying at high temperatures. 


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