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Tibetan Carnelian Blue Agate Mala
High-Energy Red Carnelian Mala
High-Energy Red Carnelian Wrist Mala
jade and carnelian
Sunburst Om Earring
Red Garnet Wrist Mala
Green Jade Mala
Chakra Gemstone Nugget Power Necklace
Lucky Ganesh Earring
Navaratna Chakra Energy Necklace
Tibetan OM Chakra Wrap Bracelet
Chakra Gemstone Healing Set
Psychic Energy: Light Blue

Chakra Energy Bracelets 15


more colors!


Kama Wrap 16


more colors!

Mini Gemstones Chakra Bracelets
psychic energy

High-Energy Chakra Anklets 18


more colors!

psychic energy

High-Energy Chakra Mala 19


more colors!

Psychic Energy

High-Energy Chakra Wrist Mala 20


more colors!

Set of 8 Gemstones

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