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Hand Carved Buddha Bone Bracelet
Delicate Hamsa Blessing Necklace
Tibetan Tri-Metal Power Bangle
Tibetan Coral Om Ring
Favorite Little Blessing Buddha
Favorite Little Resting Ganesh
Om Hemp Coin Purse
Handmade Soapstone Om Box
Hand Made Haathi Journal
Hand Made Om Journal
Precious Solid Perfume Jars
Reclining Ganesha Incense Holder
Tibetan Buddha Singing Bowl
Sacred Gayatri Mantra Wall Hanging

Sacred Gayatri Mantra Wall Hanging 14

from $24.00

more colors!

Jewel of the Lotus Prayer Wheel
Tri-Metal Buddha Singing Bowl
Great Compassion Prayer Wheel
Celtic Sun Tapestry
Om Gayatri Chakra Tapestry
Dharma Buddha Tapestry
Tibetan Mantra Incense Burner
Tibetan Buddha Incense Burner
Tibetan Lotus Incense Burner
Radiant Shiva Wooden Box
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