Traditional Malas
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Tibetan Lava and Turquoise Power Mala
Tibetan Carnelian Blue Agate Mala
Silk Mala Pouch
Om Mani Padme Hum Conch Shell 108 Mala
High-Energy Snowflake Obsidian Mala
Traditional Rosewood Mala Set
Traditional Rosewood Mala
High-Energy Smoky Quartz Mala
rainbow fluorite
Rainbow Crystal Quartz
jade and carnelian
The Pocket Book of Stones
High-Energy Red Garnet Mala
High-Energy Malachite Mala
red bamboo coral
mother of pearl
High-Energy Red Carnelian Mala
High-Energy Hematite Mala
High-Energy Green Aventurine Mala
High-Energy Rose Quartz Mala
psychic energy

High-Energy Chakra Mala 24


more colors!

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