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Delicate Silver Om Earrings

Kwan Yin Compassion Earrings 3


more colors!

Beloved Om Chakra Necklace
Crown Chakra Om Earrings
Sunburst Om Earring
Om Mandala Earrings
Tibetan Coral Om Ring
Herkimer Quartz 'Diamond' Om Necklace
Sterling Silver Om and Red Garnet Earrings
Silver and Amethyst Om Necklace
Sattva Bone Om Bracelet
Karma Om Bracelet
Lapis Om Wrap
Coral Om Wrap
Dorje Pearl Om Bracelet
Tibetan Om Pearl Earrings
Hajara Om Necklace
Himalayan Om Cuff

Himalayan Om Cuff 21

$44.00 $39.95

Om Vajra Botswana Agate Necklace
Brass Om Tribe Earrings
Ruby Om Earrings
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