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Savitri Necklace

Savitri Necklace 1

$265.00 $199.00

Tibetan Coral Om Ring
Nepalese Angel Earrings
Sacred Nepal Earrings
Turquoise Capricorn Earrings
Tibetan Blessing Wrist Mala
Black Onyx Buddha Wrist Mala
Deva Gemstone Necklace
Nepalese Indira Necklace

Nepalese Indira Necklace 9

$285.00 $198.00

Nadia Gemstone Necklace
Sita Gemstone Necklace
Mataji Gemstone Bracelet
Savitri Necklace
Gopi Gemstone Necklace
Nine Planet Gemstone Bracelet
Sattva Bone Om Bracelet
Karma Om Bracelet
Large Rudraksha Seed Wrist Mala
Anjali Om Necklace

Anjali Om Necklace 21

$78.00 $39.95

Kali Gem Bracelet
Jyoti Gem Bracelet
Nepalese Royalty Bracelet
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