Smudging, Resin & Incense Holders

From normal incense holders to cone incense burners, we have all of your incense needs covered! You won’t find designs like this anywhere else.

Smudging, Resin & Incense Holders

Burning herbs, resins and incense sticks are common practices in the realm of spirituality. When done with intention, these rituals can become powerful tools to fill a space with good energy and ward of negative vibes. If you‚Äôre thinking of starting this practice in your own home, then you would need a place to do it, like an incense holder or burner. Sivana Spirit has different types and designs that you can choose from, with some you can only find in our online store! There are a number of incense holders you can choose from to make your own altar of incense. There are regular trays with designs like the Tree of Life and the Hamsa Stone. Of course, the Cosmic Om design is another popular product, with the tray available in wood and metal. Do you use cones instead of incense sticks? Then you can find the perfect cone incense burner for your home in our collection. Burn your cone incense in bowls made from ceramic copper, mother of pearl and cast iron in the shape of a cauldron! If you want something even more unique, something that could be a conversation starter, then get the pyramid-shaped cone incense burner. If it‚Äôs a buddha incense burner you‚Äôre looking for, then there‚Äôs one you can get from Sivana Spirit. For your smudging needs, there are special burners you can use. Get one with a sacred elephant or turtle figurine that also doubles as an incense stick holder too. There are also burners that feature the Sacred Ganesh, triquetra and the 8 auspicious Tibetan symbols embedded on the surface of the bowls as their designs. 

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