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Tibetan Mantra Incense Burner
Lotus Om Incense Plate
Crown Chakra Incense Cones
Amber Wood Masala Incense
Abalone Shell and White Sage Smudge Set
Miniature Charcoal Resin Burner
Lotus Om Oil Lamp and Burner
Carved Brass Charcoal Resin Burner
Soapstone Om Incense Plate
Tibetan Incense Burner Bowls

Tibetan Incense Burner Bowls 12

from $49.00

more colors!

Cosmic Om Wood Ash Catcher
Om Shanti Wood Ash Catcher
Reclining Ganesha Incense Holder
Stone Elephant Incense Holder
Om Altar Plate
Sacred Mantra Incense Boat
Tibetan Buddha Incense Burner
Lila Elephant Ash Catcher

Lila Elephant Ash Catcher 20


more colors!

Buddha Wood Ash Catcher
Om Mani Padme Hum Incense Holder
Tibetan Prayer Wheel Incense Burner
Hand Painted Floral Incense Holder
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