Intention: Harmony
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High-Energy Rose Quartz Mala
High-Energy Rose Quartz Wrist Mala
psychic energy

High-Energy Chakra Mala 3


more colors!

Psychic Energy

High-Energy Chakra Wrist Mala 4


more colors!

Chakra Gemstone Nugget Power Necklace
Psychic Energy: Light Blue

Chakra Energy Bracelets 6


more colors!

Moonstone Buddha Bracelet
Moonstone Nugget Power Cuff
High-Energy Turquoise Mala
High-Energy Turquoise Wrist Mala
Clear Quartz
High-Energy Tigers Eye Mala
High-Energy Clear Quartz Wrist Mala
Lapis Gemstone Nugget Power Bracelet
Green Jade Gemstone Nugget Power Bracelet
Amethyst Gemstone Nugget Power Bracelet

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