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Tibetan Copper Tri-Metal Healing Bangle
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Candle Holder
Tibetan Skull Bracelet
Ganesh Prosperity Statue
High-Energy Snowflake Obsidian Wrist Mala
Antique Brass Ganesh Statue
Brass & Copper

My Pocket Buddha 9

$22.00 $19.95

more colors!

Heart Chakra Incense Cones
High-Energy Smoky Quartz Wrist Mala
Mighty Little Ganesh
Throat Chakra Incense Cones
Sacral Chakra Incense Cones
Turquoise Tibetan Prayer Wheel
Tibetan Tri-Metal Power Bangle
Brass and Copper Medicine Buddha Statue
Skull Mala

Skull Mala 18


Crown Chakra Incense Cones

Bengal Rail Tee 21

$28.00 $16.95

more colors!

Jewel of the Lotus Prayer Wheel
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