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28 Best Plant-Based Yogurts You Should Try

28 Best Plant-Based Yogurts You Should Try

Just because you are skipping out on dairy doesn’t mean that you need to leave yogurt behind. Yogurt is an amazing ingredient and a must for boosting your breakfast. Whether it’s being spooned onto cereal or granola or used in smoothies and fruit bowls, yogurt (yes even dairy-free) provides plenty of probiotics and other health benefits.

Regular yogurt can be heavy on the body and cause dietary issues for those who are sensitive to lactose. There’s also the fact that swapping out dairy items for plant-based alternatives is kinder for the planet and free from animal exploitation. The icing on the cake? Vegan yogurts are also usually naturally made from organic ingredients. If you want to know which vegan yogurts are la creme de la creme when it comes to taste, texture, and style, we have rounded up some of the best in the business. 

Choosing a Plant-Based Yogurt

Not all plant-based products and indeed plant-based yogurts are born equal. Knowing what to look for when perusing the shelves will help you to find a yoyurt that gives you exactly what you need. Here’s how to scan the packaging and pick the right kind of yogurt for you.

  • Added sugar - there are lots of vegan yogurt brands out there that go heavy on the sugar so if you want to keep your creamy treat healthy, look to unsweetened options. They may have a little more tang but when paired with fruit or granola they can balance really well. You can also look for brands that rely on natural fruits as a sugar source rather than adding them in. 
  • Nutrient content (especially protein, iron, and fiber) - it’s important for vegans to pay attention to their nutrition and especially when it comes to protein. A lot of vegan yogurt can be low on protein in comparison to greek and other dairy yoghurts. Soy yogurt may be the option with the most protein.
  • Thickeners - thickening the yogurt to get that creamy texture is an important part of creating a delicious vegan yogurt and there are several ways to do that. From tapioca to corn starch and gum, you may want to opt for yogurts that lean more into the natural thickeners. 
  • Yogurt base - oats, soy, coconut, almond, there are tons of options for dairy-free alternatives these days and which one you choose really depends on preference as each comes with its own nutrition and health benefits. 
  • Price - of course when picking a vegan yogurt you want to hit a price point that is comfortable but also has quality. 

    Is vegan yogurt as healthy as dairy yogurt?

    It can be! It depends on which kind of vegan yogurt you go for and the nutritional value of each brand. This is why it’s so important to look at the sugar factor and choose a brand that has no added sugar or that goes low when it comes to the sugar number. If you can, you should also look for a brand that has a higher protein count as this also brings benefits, particularly to those who are exclusively on a vegan diet. You also want to keep an eye on the saturated fat numbers - coconut will have a higher amount of saturated fat compared to an almond base. 

    What are the benefits of vegan yogurt?

    • It doesn’t rely on animal products
    • It is kinder to the environment 
    • It doesn’t contain lactose 
    • It is often made from organic ingredients

      Our prime picks

      What is the best vegan yoghurt?

      Want to know which kinds of vegan yoghurt we are backing? We share our top brand picks for each flavor profile. 

      coconut - so delicious

      soy - nancy’s soy

      oatmilk - nancy’s oatmilk

      cashew milk - forager

      almond milk - kite hill

      alternative - lavva

      What is the most healthy non-dairy yogurt?

      Nancy’s soy comes in as our top pick for the healthiest non-dairy yogurt. It comes with a high protein count of 3.5g and zero grams of sugar. It's also made from organic soybeans and packed with live cultures. 

      Our Top Choices for Best Plant-Based Yogurts

      Califia Farms

      For all those yogurt drinkers out there, Califia Farms is sure to serve you well. This brand creates easily drinkable non-dairy yogurts that come in a range of styles and flavors. You can pick the unsweetened variety if you love a bit of tang or if you want to use yogurt in your cooking. The flavored varieties serve up 3g of protein and 16g of sugar not to mention a ton of probiotics to keep your gut feeling good. 


      Thick and firm, it’s no surprise that Chobani can make a decent plant-based yogurt. There are two awesome options to choose from here - oat or coconut depending on your preference. You can also pick from a range of four fruit flavors including blends like blueberry pomegranate. Chobani is said to share similarities to greek yogurt in flavor but may not hit the texture mark squarely. For vegans who prefer to support fully vegan companies, it’s worth noting that Chobani also deals in dairy yogurts. 


      Handcrafted, Coyo calls on the freshly squeezed flesh of the coconut to make its yum non-dairy yogurt. Lovers of this yogurt brand rave about its intensely creamy texture and with no added sugars and an all-natural ingredient line-up, you couldn’t ask for more. It is a pretty rich yogurt which is good news for those who don’t want to plough through a cup in a single sitting. With each serving coming in at just under 2g of protein and just over 3g of sugar, Coyo cuts the mustard. 


      Culina serves up non-dairy yogurt as thick as it comes making it an instant smash hit. Not only is the texture great, but there’s also a wide range of flavors including peach cashew butter and sour cherry almond. Nom. This craft yogurt also makes the most of a glut of glorious probiotics and the yogurt is fermented for 18 hours and made from organic coconut. With no added sugar and 2gs of protein in every serving, Culina is one of the best non-dairy yogurts out there. 


      An Indian spin on your favorite vegan yogurt, Dahlicious is not only a great play on words but the yogurt is jam-packed with a whopping 50 billion probiotics. You can get it with almond, oat, or/and coconut base and there are some fun flavors to be had - think mango chilli and cherry vanilla. 


      Daiya is made with a delicious mix of coconut cream and cane sugar to bring that sense of sweetness to the party. For those wanting to keep their gut in good shape, Daiya also packs a punch when it comes to probiotics. A wide range of flavors (vanilla bean, black cherry, peach, being among the usual contenders) also makes these little pots a great purchase. While they aren’t sugar-free, they do offer 50% less sugar in each serving compared to regular yoghurt brands.

      Earth Grown

      While finding awesome vegan yoghurt in your everyday supermarket can be a challenge, Aldi is here to change that with their own Earth Grown range. Made with coconut, these yogurts are a great affordable option for those who want to grab a vegan alternative straight off the shelf. Some say that the Earth Grown dairy-free yogurt can taste a little too sweet but if you like your yoghurt naturally on the sweeter side, don’t hesitate to try it. 

      Follow Your Heart

      When Follow Your Heart first began they had ten different flavors to choose from. Now the line is a little more stripped back to basics but there is still a good choice of fruit flavors to choose from. Made from coconut and with live cultures to keep your gut good, you can also choose from the sweetened (with sugar cane) or the unsweetened variety. With 2g of sugar and 1g protein in each serving, it may not scoop as many points as other dairy-free yoghurt brands but it’s still a solid choice.

      Forager Project

      Cashews are often considered the king of nuts and are loved by vegans as they have a natural creaminess that can’t be beaten. Forager Project makes the most of this by using cashews as their yoghurt base. With a whole host of protein-packed flavors coming in at around 7g, not to mention unsweetened options for those who are swerving sugar, these pots have all the plant-based love you need. You can even get your yoghurt soaked seeds and oats from these guys too. 

      Good Karma

      Made from flaxseed oil and rich in omega 3 healthy fats, the creamy vegan alternative from Good Karma is a great option for those looking for something a little different to the usual oat and soy varieties. Packed with billions of live cultures, low in calories, and with a big emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle, Good Karma stays true to its ethos. 

      Halsa Foods

      A Scandinavian style yogurt made from whole oats, and organic fruits, and with no added sugar in the plain variety, Halsa Foods hits the mark. Halsa touts itself as being one of the cleanest vegan yogurts ever made with zero artificial ingredients, wholegrain oats only, and billions of probiotics. Those who care about the environment will also be glad to know that the oats in this yogurt are grown with a zero water footprint. 

      Kite Hill

      Kite Hill is always a delicious creamy experience thanks to that almond milk base. They offer Greek-style yoghurt, blueberry, vanilla, and strawberry flavors and they offer plenty of plant-based protein in their recipes. Swirl in the fact that these yoghurts are unsweetened with 0g sugar and 17g of protein and you have a solid all-around vegan yogurt. 


      If you are trying to steer clear of carbs then the Lavva brand is sure to become your latest love affair. Made from pili nuts blended with plantains, coconut, and cassava, there is a lot of goodness going on in this pot. With no added sugar and a good creamy texture, Lavva has a lot going for it. However, some do mention that it can be an acquired taste and it comes with plenty of tang. In each serving, you can expect 2g of protein to keep you going. 

      Love Le Grand

      When you blend cashews, rice and coconut cream you are bound to get something so thick it clings to the spoon. Love Le Grand is a Canadian brand that take an organic approach to its non-dairy offerings. Their yogurt boats over 5 billion live cultures making it a busy pot. There’s a range of flavors to choose from including classic vanilla, lemon, coffee and even matcha tea.

      Harmless Harvest

      Smooth, creamy, made from coconut milk and with added gums or preservatives, Harmless Harvest rings true to its name. Kickstarted with a scoop of organic coconut meat from Thailand and with a lower carbon footprint than some competing brands, this yogurt offers you the chance to taste four different flavors - each with seven kinds of probiotics. 


      Made from oat milk, Nancy’s knows how to do non-dairy yogurt right. A family company that also deals in dairy products, Nancy’s knows how to have a little fun by choosing some interesting flavors to play with. While they have recently discontinued their soy line, the oat milk line is still rocking. Pick from Apple Cinnamon, Passion Fruit Banana, or stay with the staples like vanilla and plain. Some of these yogurts come with a low sugar content although some say they can be a little sweet. They also have plenty of live cultures tossed in to keep your stomach strong. 


      Oatly is known for their non-dairy delights and their oatgurt straddles that line between thick and creamy in the Greek sense but also comes with that thin tang you would associate with Scandi inspired yogurt too. There are cultures thrown in, a choice of fruit and plain options, and while there is a soft underlying taste from the oats it doesn’t steal the show making it a good versatile option. 


      Bring a little French fancy into your life with Oui. Under the Yoplait umbrella, this thick and voluptuous vegan yogurt is served up in such a pretty way - loaded into a glass jar with rippling fruit at the bottom. Take your pick of flavors like mango, strawberry, raspberry, coconut and vanilla. With 13g of sugar and 1g of protein, sure there are healthier versions of vegan yogurt out there, but you can’t help but say Oui to this chic little treat.


      Ripple is a brand that uses pea protein as their non-dairy alternative along with sunflower oil bringing its natural thickening elements. Its also full of live-action cultures and comes in a range of flavors including lots of fruity options like peach, strawberry, and blueberry. If you want to choose a ripples yogurt that is low in sugar look to the original flavor as the fruity ones serve three times the sugar content in comparison. Ripples do pack a protein punch though with 4g. 


      Iceland knows how to make great yoghurt so it’s no surprise that this Icelandic inspired company keep their A-game when it comes to plant-based yoghurt products. Using a mixture of coconut, pea protein, and macadamia, these pots have a natural soft sweetness and only 8g of sugar and 10g of protein. 


      With a name like Silk, you can expect smooth things from this non-vegan yogurt company. Silk doens’t fall short on options, serving up almond, oat, and soy-based yogurts to meet every preference. They also have a whole host of flavors with their Just Plain Soy Yogurt coming out on top as being one of the best for its thick creamy tang. The flavored options do cash in at around 15g of sugar so for those preferring to swerve sugar sticking to plainer varieties may be best.

       So Delicious

      So Delicious takes decadent coconut and oat-based yogurt to a whole new level. With an emphasis on creating great yogurt that leans into botanical bliss, you can enjoy flavors that go beyond the basics  - think mango and ginger with turmeric, mixed berry with chamomile, key lime pie, and strawberry with elderflower. There’s also a great bunch of plain and unsweetened options and flip and tip styles for a good breakfast on the go. Some say that the yogurt can have an artificial edge at times despite having no artificial ingredients whereas others rave about everything being organic and the thick texture. It’s worth noting that the added sugars are higher here coming in at 18g for the fruitier flavors. 

      The Coconut Cult

      As the name suggests, The Coconut Cult is all about celebrating everything to do with creamy rich and evocative coconuts. Not only is this non-dairy yogurt made from coconut cream, it also makes use of the meat, the water, and the coconut nectar - not an inch goes to waste. Earning rave reviews for its creamy and grain-free texture, not to mention its cute and chic packaging and its zero added sugar and 21g of protein, Coconut Cult fully deserves that cult status. There are also some fun flavors including mangos n cream, chocolate mousse, and vanilla toffee for the sweet tooths. 

      Trader Joe's Brand

      Trader Joe’s is a place that needs little introduction and vegans or dairy-free folk will be happy to hear that their local grocery store is serving up their own brand of vegan yogurt. With options for both almond and cashew, not to mention a few flavors to choose from, it makes pairing your morning granola with something creamy even easier. There’s 3g of protein per serving and 11g of added sugar, which fares pretty well in comparison to some other brands. The cashews bring their cream game and the coconut flavor isn’t too overpowering. 

      Wegman’s Brand

      If you want to swap out small artisanal pots for something a little more substantial, the Wegman’s Brand offers larger tubs that can be stashed in the fridge and spooned onto granola and into smoothies all week. High in protein and probiotics, Wegmans may not be the most innovative or exciting choice but it certainly serves its purpose. 

      Whole Foods Market 365

      With many supermarkets running their own brand of vegan yogurt, it makes sense that Whole Foods Market would also get involved. Their almond milk offerings can be found stashed alongside their non-dairy offerings and come in both classic and fruit flavors. Their unsweetened version gets rave reviews making it a great choice for those wanting a simple solution to finding non-dairy treats without making a specialist trip. 

      Anita’s Yogurt

      So thick that it has no problem sticking to your spoon, Anita’s Yogurt is made from fair trade coconut cream and coconut water and crafted in small batches. It also comes chock full of 300 billion live cultures giving it a great gut-friendly probiotic edge. With 4g of protein and sugar-free options, it is considered to be one of the best alternative yogurts around. However, Anita’s does come with a high-fat content so that’s worth keeping in mind if you are aiming to swerve fats. 


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