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Silk Singing Bowl Cushions 1


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Hand Painted Haathi Keychains 3


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Om Mani Padme Hum Beanie 4

$34.00 $19.95

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Om Hat 5


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Om Chakra Curtain
Tibetan Temple Incense Burner

Hand Made Buddha Journal 8


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Red Heather

Heather Om Beanie 9

$34.00 $19.95

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Sacred Elephant Incense Plate 10


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Jewel of the Lotus Prayer Wheel
Stone Elephant Incense Holder
7 Metal Om Singing Bowl
Tibetan Buddha Singing Bowl
Red and Gold

Sacred Gayatri Mantra Wall Hanging 15

from $24.00

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Om Chakra Tapestry
Great Compassion Singing Bowl Set
High-Energy Amethyst Anklet
High-Energy Snowflake Obsidian Anklet
Nepalese Silk Singing Bowl Cushions
Tri-Metal Buddha Singing Bowl
Green Tibetan Om Singing Bowls
Wooden Om Table Decor
Om Gayatri Chakra Tapestry
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